Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: Back in the Saddle

Hi y'all! It's been a little while, hasn't it? Happy New Year to all of my wonderful readers! :) Unfortunately I managed to ring in the new year with strep throat, so that wasn't the most fantabulous apple drop of my 30-something years. I was completely out of commission for a few days there but feeling pretty much back to my normal self now, which is good as one can only watch so much Degrassi Junior High on Netflix before going a li'l stir crazy.

My main NY's resolution this year is to get myself on a better daily schedule. I'll be writing more about this, but in the meantime thought I'd "break the blogging seal" with a quicky MPM post. Weekly menu planning is something I'd dropped the ball on somewhat but am starting back up now as part of my NYR.

Broiled salmon w/ a maple glaze & steamed broccoli 

Crock pot beef barley soup 

Cream of potato & leek soup with bacon (I don't think I've ever cooked with leek before. One is coming in our Pfennings organic local basket tomorrow, so I looked up some recipes. This one looks super-yummy!)
Lobster (Chris scored a great deal the other day on some pre-cooked tails.)  

Dinner is coming to us in the form of cabbage roll casserole, one of my mom's old-school recipes. Sounds hearty & delicious. Thanks Mom! :)

Tuna, pea and brown rice casserole. This dish has become somewhat of a staple in our household. Ridicu-easy to make, tasty and reasonably healthy/balanced.

Curling. Leftovers / eat out.


  1. Leeks rock.

    Sorry about the strep! I am always sick on Super Bowl weekend, so we'll see what I come down with this year.

    Degrassi is on Netflix! How am I ever going to find time to watch it!?!

  2. @Colleen - get strep and make your husband do everything else?? ;) (Actually no no nooooo don't do that. It is awful!)

    Good to see you back here!

  3. I love potato & leek soup but have never made it myself. Let us know how it turns out,maybe I'll give it a try! Glad you're feeling better!