Reviews & Giveaways


Baby Gourmet Creative Combos and Mushies (R&G; CAN only; 12/27. Winners: Nicole B and Charity K!)
Janine's Place - Upcycled Wool & More (R&G; CAN/US; 12/2. Winner: Laurie P!)
Skip Hop Grand Central diaper bag from Pinky and Company (R&G; CAN only; 11/3. Winner: Angela E!)
Stonz Rain Bootz & Linerz / $20 store credit (R&G; CAN/US; 10/25. Winner: Laura R!)
Dolphin Organics (R&G; CAN/US; 10/18. Winner: Susan A!)
Maya Wrap Ring Sling from Baby on the Breast (R&G; CAN only; 9/17. Winner: Kristen B!) 
Oliver's Labels (R&G; CAN/US (excl. Quebec); 9/3. Winner: Erika K!) 
Baby Gourmet Creamy Brown Rice cereal (R&G; CAN only; 8/15. Winner: Anne T!) 
Sand Gone (R&G; CAN/US; 7/30. Winner: Narathip W!)
Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Diaper & Pocket Wetbag from (R&G; CAN-only; 7/12. Winner: Laura N!)
Dizolve Ultra Laundry Detergent Strips (R&G; CAN ONLY; 6/25. Winner: Monica R!) 
Princess Grace Bowtique (Etsy) (R&G; CAN/US; 6/17. Winner: Narathip W!)  
Baby Charlotte - Bubber review / $25 store credit giveaway (R&G; CAN/US; 6/8. Winner: Tracey M!)
OraMD (R&G; CAN/US; 5/31. Winners: Elena V, Christina AD and Kim J!) 
Squishy Snak Pak reusable snack pouch (R&G; CAN/US; 5/17. Winner: Beth R!)
Beanitos the Original Bean Chip (R&G; CAN/US; 5/10. Winner: Rhonda G!) 
Libre Glass'n Poly Original Tea Glass (R&G; CAN/US; 4/27. Winner: Sydney D!)
My Wonderful Walls website makeover / $100 store credit (Giveaway; CAN/US; 4/24. Winner: Jen P!) 
Ultra Soft Cloth Diaper from Giggle Life Baby Products (R&G; CAN/US; 4/2. Winner: Sarah V-S!) 
Udder Covers Nursing Gift Set (R&G; CAN/US; 3/15. Winner: Liz R!) 
The Original Baby Ankees™ from Innovative Mommas (R&G; CAN/US; 3/13. Winner: Angela M!)
Cloth Pads / 4-pack of panty liners from Goddess Moons (R&G; Worldwide; 2/22. Winner: Katie L!)
Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra from Baby on the Breast (R&G; CAN only; 2/12. Winner: Alessandra P!) 
Mama Cloth from Stitched by Hand {Etsy} (R&G; CAN/US; 2/4. Winner: Beth R!)
Under the Sea Sticker Kit / $100 Giveaway from My Wonderful Walls (R&G; CAN/US; 1/22. Winner: Adina H!)
Canadian Diaper Bag Giveaway ($180 value!) (Giveaway; CAN only; 12/30. Winner: Chris M!) 
$125 Holiday Cash Giveaway (Giveaway; WW; 12/17)
Stonz Youth Mittz (R&G; CAN/US; 12/6. Winner: Sandy V!)
Cleava "Snap to Bra" Camisole (R&G; CAN/US; 11/29. Winner: Heather A!)
Lil Helper Organic Bamboo Change Mat and Pail Liner (R&G; CAN/US; 11/22. Winner: Ginger G!)
Canadian Double Stroller Giveaway ($395 value!) (Giveaway; CAN only; 11/20. Winner: Angela M!)
FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainer from Cloth Diaper Kids (R&G; CAN only; 11/10. Winner: Olivia L!) 
Precious Car-N-Go Poncho from Jeni Lynn Designs {Etsy} (Giveaway; CAN/US; 10/27. Winner: Amy M!)
Growing Greens Organic Cotton Diaper & Wool Cover from Babee Greens (R&G; CAN/US; 10/23. Winner: Samantha C!)
Toddler's Catarina Costume from Costume SuperCenter (Review)  
From Diapers to Diamonds: Rocking your Disability Like a Lady (Book Review)
ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards (R&G; WW; 09/29. Winner: Beth M!) 
RearZ Smitten fitted diaper (R&G; WW; 09/16. Winner: Katie S!)
AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper (R&G: CAN/US; 08/10. Winner: Rachel R!)
KinderGlo Night Light (R&G: CAN/US; 07/01. Winner: Terri M!)
The DivaCup (R&G: CAN/US; 06/18. Winner: Copper S!)
Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 AIO Diaper from Kissed by the Moon (R&G: CAN/US; 05/29. Winner: Kaitlin H!)  
Organic Bamboo Velour cloth wipes from Two Sweet Potatoes (Etsy) (R&G: CAN/US; 05/06. Winner: Sarh S!) 
Fit Moms for Life book by Dustin Maher (R&G: CAN/US; 05/03. Winner: Debbie P!)
AppleCheeks Bamboo Little Bundle (R&G: CAN/US; 04/19. Winner: Akemi W!)
Jeni Lynn Designs (Etsy): Ridin' Safe Poncho review & $30 Giveaway (R&G: CAN/US; 04/03. Winner: Sarah G!) 
Lil Helper Diaper, 2 Inserts, Wipes and Wet Bag {Fluffy February} (R&G: CAN/US; 03/25. Winner: Christine K!)
Rearz Flair Prefold & Couture Cover / $20 gift code {Fluffy February} (R&G: WW; 03/12. Winner: Hannah G!)
AppleCheeks Microterry Little Bundle {Fluffy February}(R&G: CAN/US; 03/07. Winner: Allison W!) 
3 Wool Dryer Balls from The Willow Store {Fluffy February} (R&G: CAN/US; 03/03. Winner: Amy C!)
MiniMaestro Diaper + Insert {Fluffy February} (R&G: CAN/US; 02/22. Winner: Bridgett Z!)
Stonz Booties & Linerz (R&G: CAN/US; 02/09. Winner: Heather S!)
Arbonne by Andrea De Melo ($50 credit) (R&G: CAN/US; 01/30. Winner: Marc-Andre T!)
Giggle Life OS Bamboo Pocket Diaper (R&G: CAN/US; 01/06. Winner: Regan S!)  
Sibu Beauty (Review)
Eco-friendly Shower Curtain from Rock Candy Life (R&G: CAN/US; 12/22. Winner: Jessica H!)
Stitched By Hand (Etsy shop) (R&G: CAN/US; 12/14. Winner: Melissa P!)   
LittleStar Reversible Dress from Baby Bahoonie (R&G: CAN/US; 12/07. Winner: Sarah M!) 
Winner Wonderland "Terrific Toddler Fun" Prize Package ($105 value!) (Giveaway: CAN/US; 12/04. Winner: Jacqui O!) 
Lovable Labels "Holly Jolly Gift Pack" (Review) 
Tropical Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent (R&G: CAN/US; 11/30. Winner: Elyce H!)
The Juppy Baby Walker (R&G: CAN/US; 11/27. Winner: Dorothy C!)
AppleCheeks envelope cover from Enfant Style Diapers (Giveaway: CAN ONLY; 11/25. Winner: Shannon B!) 
Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloth Wipes from Baby Bahoonie (R&G: CAN/US; 11/18. Winner: SweetPanda!) 
Angel Baby Oil from Earth Mama Angel Baby (R&G: CAN/US; 11/14. Winner: Melissa H!)
Thirsties Duo Diaper (R&G: CAN/US; 10/31. Winner: Julie G!) 
Planet Explorers Ebooks (R&G: WW; 10/26. Winners: Cassie C and Leigh O!)
Hulahoop Childrens Photography (Review)
$100 Christmas Cash Giveaway (Giveaway: WW; 10/23)
"Falling for You" $130 Cash Giveaway (Giveaway: CAN/US; 10/14. Winner: Gabriel C!)
Norwex Fall Cleaning Pack from Tasha Baldock (R&G: CAN/US; 10/12. Winner: Wanda P!)
Tropical Traditions Canadian Raw Honey (R&G: CAN/US; 10/03. Winner: Rebby!) 
Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent (45/90 load) (R&G: CAN/US; 09/29. Winner: Bonnye S!)
Favourite Baby Gear Roundup: 7-9 Months (Review)
M2M is 1! $25 or gift card (Giveaway: WW; 09/20. Winner: Lori D!) 
Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls (R&G: CAN/US; 09/20. Winner: Jeniffer S!)
Snack Bag Set from Baby Bahoonie (R&G: CAN/US; 09/15.Winner: Amy V!) / $25 Toys "R" Us gift card (R&G: CAN ONLY; 09/14. Winner: Marion!)
Mudpuppy Floor Puzzle (R&G: CAN/US; 09/04. Winner: Julie G!)
Zookies Diaper Cover (R&G: CAN/US; 08/30. Winner: Morgan N!)
Green Bumkin Kitchen Wetbag (R&G: CAN/US; 08/25. Winner: Tina L!)
Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil (R&G: CAN/US; 08/22. Winner: 409cope!)
Kammy's Korner Store (2 hair accessories or 1 hat) (R&G: CAN/US; 08/15. Winner: Jessica Davis!)
Free Glasses from (Review)
Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit / BeautifulBASIC (R&G: CAN/US; 08/08. Winner: Maia G!)
Meeno Babies "Cool Mee" Seat Liner (R&G: CAN/US; 07/05. Winner: Jen P!)
$25 Gift Card to M&M Meat Shops #TGCBB (Giveaway: CAN ONLY; 07/01. Winner: Kristen!)
Thirty-One Gifts by Lisa King (R&G: CAN/US; 06/30. Winner: Marysa!)
SoftPlay "Lift and Look" Books (R&G: CAN/US; 06/27. Winner: RBM!)
Favourite Baby Gear Roundup: 4-6 Months (Review)
MiniMaestro wetbag (Review)
Sophie Leash from Lil Divas Bowtique (Review)
gDiapers (Review)
Charis Designs Diaper Cover Wrap (Giveaway: CAN/US; 05/01. Winner: Amanda!)
Charis Designs Diaper Cover Wrap (Review)
Kawaii OS Snazzy Minky Pocket Diaper (Giveaway: CAN/US; 04/28. Winners: Ashley & Lindsey!)
Favourite Baby Gear Roundup: 0-3 Months (Review)