Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sand Gone: A Must for Beachgoers! - Review & Giveaway (Closed)

While growing up, my family vacationed frequently at destinations along the Atlantic Ocean. These trips left me with many fond memories (riding frothy waves on our boogie boards, strolling along the shore searching for shells and burying family members up to their necks in sand) but I also remember what a cumbersome process it was to remove salt and sand from our skin after a day at the beach! Grit ended up all over towels, car seats and hotel room floors (apologies to the maintenance staff!) and, inevitably, some would remain behind and chafe at us until we had the chance to grab a shower. Luckily, beachgoers today have an alternative option  - a nifty little product called Sand Gone! Consisting of vegetable and plant starches (plus a little fragrance) Sand Gone is a non-toxic powder which removes sand and salt from the skin without using water. The product was invented by a mompreneur named Tiffany who knew there had to be a better way after many years spent wrestling with her own post-beach sand-covered children!

Product Info (from website):

SAND GONE is a dry body powder that, when applied to sand covered skin, removes the sand and leaves the skin soft and smooth while feeling fresh and clean.

Sand Gone comes in an attractive eight ounce jar with a screw-able lid. Within the jar is a microfiber applicator. It is extremely soft but also durable. It can be cleaned by household washers and dryers when necessary. The applicator also has a strap across it to help secure it to the user's hand as the powder is applied.

The dry, white powder is both non-toxic and non-talc. It also contains a hint of coconut fragrance. Sand Gone is best used when cleaning up while leaving the beach. However, Sand Gone works perfectly well when cleaning up after the sand box, playground or wherever one encounters sand. It is like having a "dry shower" from a jar. In addition to removing the sand, Sand Gone also removes the salt from your skin after a day at the beach. No more uncomfortable "scratchy feeling" under clothing during the drive home.

After using Sand Gone, you will quickly find that it becomes one of those must-haves at the beach, sandlot or park. You will know to bring your sunblock and shades...but also your SAND GONE.

My Review:

For review purposes, I received an 8 fl oz Sand Gone plus applicator.

The powder itself is very soft and delicate, and the coconut scent is nice - you definitely notice it but it smells natural and isn't overpowering. The applicator is plush, sturdy and large. One side has a ribbon "handle" and the other is smooth across the whole surface.

Our first experience using the product was quite spontaneous! I'd just received it a few days prior when my husband, following a lengthy backyard play session with our 2 1/2 year old, called in through the screen door - "Quick! I need something for S! She's all full of sand!" I thought ahhh, perfect and grabbed our unopened Sand Gone off the counter. About one minute and several wipes later, she was indeed sand-free!

This first experience was successful but involved just sand and water. As our next experiment, I was curious to see how the product performed over mineral-based sunscreen which we use when outside mid-day. Mineral-based sunscreens (e.g. containing zinc oxide) leave a barrier on the skin versus "standard" sunscreens which get absorbed, so there's a bit more to contend with for a product like Sand Gone! I'm happy to report that the product works in this scenario too, as the following video demonstrates.

Next up - the Hairy Man Arm Test. (Thanks to my ever-helpful husband for this suggestion. And, for volunteering a Hairy Arm.) Unfortunately, as you can see, this was somewhat of an Epic Fail.

It would appear that Sand Gone definitely prefers a smooth surface to work with.

A few other comments & observations:
  • Kids love using Sand Gone! We're (ever so appropriately) at the cottage right now, and following a product demo both my daughter and her two cousins have requested using it on a few occasions. They all agree that it works well and love the scent!
  • It works best to use a "moderate" amount - i.e. you don't need to cake the powder on there but you do want a light covering across the applicator.
  • Longevity-wise, we've used the product about 15-20 times now and the tub is about 1/3rd empty, so you do get quite a few uses out of it. Tiffany mentioned that one tub lasts her family about one beach season (and her family's at the beach regularly!)
  • We've admittedly been sporatic in applying it here at the cottage, and as such there's been a lot of sand trekked across the floors. To prevent this scenario (especially in one's home or a cottage not quite as rustic as ours ;) an idea that comes to mind is to designate a single "sandy body" entry point and leave the Sand Gone there so that everyone can easily clean up before entering the building. 

 Finally, a few issues and improvement suggestions:
  • Although effective at removing grit, the powder itself sticks around on your skin and get can on clothing, floors, etc. Not a huge issue as it washes easily, but something to note.
  •  Given the product's open-faced application method, it would be quite easy for the entire tub to spill out (especially if children are using the product). A shaker style applicator might be a better option to prevent this.
  • Although the coconut scent is advertised as being non-toxic, the actual ingredients aren't disclosed thus some individuals with fragrance sensitivities may have trouble. As such, it would be nice if the product was available in an unscented format as well.

All in all, Sand Gone's a neat product that works quite well as advertised (hairy man arm test aside ;). If you're tired of continuously wrestling with sand-covered family members and corresponding grit inside your home, cottage, tent, etc. definitely give Sand Gone a shot!

On a related note: if you're a frequent beach-goer, check out this list of 10 Must Haves for the Beach put together by Tiffany and a few other companies. From totes to toys to thirsty tots, this list covers many key needs and wants for a fun day in the sun! :)

Buy It:

Sand Gone can be purchased directly from the product website as well as on Open Sky and at various beach and gift shops. From the website, shipping is available to Canada and the United States.

Win It:

One lucky Manager to Mom reader will win an 8 oz family size container of Sand Gone, including a soft soothing applicator! Open to CAN/US.

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Please follow all instructions within each entry option to ensure your entries are valid.

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Disclosure:  The prize is being provided and shipped to the winner by Sand Gone.  I received no financial compensation for writing my review or offering this giveaway, although I did receive the sample item free of charge.  This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.


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