Monday, July 29, 2013

CJ at 7 months: Our Irish Jigger

My coworker told me that mat leave with kiddo #2 goes redonkerously quickly. Amen to that, sistah. I feel like I just wrote CJ's 6 month update, and here we are tackling the next one!

...which'll be a fun one indeed, as Month 7 was such a stark contrast to the earlier months which were riddled with specialist appointments, constant worry and multitudinous pukey outfit changes per day. We're really beginning to have some fun with the little guy now that he's not tossing his cookies every 28 seconds! And now that he's on solids (and good, hearty stuff like chicken and avocado), his weight gain has accelerated and he's looking a little more solid himself. :) Which is important, as he'll need some extra energy now that he has officially figured out how to achieve forward motion!

Official 7 Month Photo:

Got him when he was sleepy here and, unfortunately, couldn't coax a smile!

(Compare with months 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.)

Physical Development:  

Weight: 14 lb 9 oz (3rd-4th percentile)
Height: 27 1/2" (60th percentile)

Lots of milestones this month:
Army crawl: check!
Sitting unsupported (well, mostly): check!
Supporting himself in the standing position: check!

So yup, he's getting around a lot better and enjoying some new vantage points during play. Though, of course, this opens up new less-than-ideal destinations for him to explore. Such as power cords and the DVD shelf, which (unlike the bedroom furniture) is not affixed to the wall. Why must babies and toddlers be most drawn to the stuff they shouldn't be getting into??!!

As I mentioned during the last update, he has turned into a Kick Machine. When held facing outward and exposed to some mad beats, he really gives 'er! We were so impressed we had him audition for Riverdance. Whatcha think - did he get a part?

Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development:

I'm happy to report no change in CJ's overall happy, smiley disposition, and his affinity for (giving and getting) big, wet kisses. That said, he's also beginning to assert himself when he's not so thrilled - for example, the back arch + grunt combo when attempting to get out of a diaper change or car seat lockdown. He also gets crabby when he sees one of us preparing food, but it's not getting delivered quickly enough. Or when we pause a feeding to temporarily do something else. Little man definitely follows in his sister and mama's footsteps - he loves him some grub!

In other news, his vocalizations got a lot more creative this month. He's added bababa and wawawa to the arsenal, though he continues to prefer dadada and high-pitched shrieks (which his sister can't help but ape back at him. Usually in a restaurant or other public place, of course!)

Finally, no sign of stranger or separation anxiety at this point. Then again, his sister never really went through it so maybe he'll be spared too!

All that said, of course I prefer to assume he loves me the most. ;)


No real changes here. He's still going about 9 PM to 7:30-8 AM with one feed in the 4-6 AM range. Naps are much more consistent (and generally lengthier) too - we're down to 2 per day for usually 45 mins to 2 hrs each.


CJ is loving his solids! By month's end we'd checked off avocado, broccoli, zucchini, peas, beans, carrot, sweet potato, banana, pear, mango, chicken and brown rice cereal. Oh, and Mum-Mums, mainly to keep him occupied and allow him to work on his motor skills!

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