Cloth Diapering


How to Get Started with Cloth Diapering: 10 Tips (March 2012)
Using Cloth Wipes in a Warmer (May 2012)
Rockin' Green: Your Tips & Ideas! (October 2011)
Cloth Wipes Challenge (with links to how we use cloth wipes) (June 2011)
The Great Cloth Diaper Change @ EBS Waterloo (April 2011)
Cloth dipe & wipe update (January 2011) (Note: I wrote this after 1.5 months of CDing our daughter.)
Our cloth diaper laundry routine (December 2010) (Note: We continue to follow basically the same routine to this day, except we have way more diapers so we tend to hang the covers and some PUL pocket shells, we've switched to Rockin' Green detergent and we usually forego the detergent for the first cold cycle. We also soak diapers periodically to help keep the funk at bay.)
Cloth Diapering Part 2 (October 2010) (Note: Follow-up to Cloth Diapering Part 1!)
Cloth Diapering Part 1 (October 2010) (Note: First post documenting my research, thought process and corresponding decisions with respect to cloth diapering our daughter-to-be!)


Important - check out my Cloth Diaper Evaluation System first, as this will explain the categories I use to rate diapers, and how I arrive at an overall "Diaper Awesomeness" Score and Estimated Stash Cost for each one!

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