Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change @ EBS Waterloo!

What an exciting day! :D

Chris, S and I participated in The Great Cloth Diaper Change at the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe in Waterloo, Ontario! In total, 29 changes took place at this location and 30 changes took place at the Ottawa location, so it was an excellent turnout!

I was so stoked when I discovered that EBS was hosting a GCDC location. The store has such great merchandise (focusing on cloth diapering, babywearing and other natural parenting and eco-friendly products) and the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful! I bought my AMP duo dipes there as well as Country Save detergent, Eucalan, dryer balls, a Planetwise wet bag and other great stuff!

When we arrived today just before noon, 25+ parents & their babies were milling about, socializing and browsing around the store. I was a bit perplexed as to how we'd all fit in the rather small back room for the change, but we managed! They did enforce a rule of one parent per child, so Chris took the opportunity to snag some footage of the event. Here are all the mamas, papas & little ones getting organized:

EBS staff reviewing the official rules of the event! (Note: Chris had to compete with other camera-wielding Dads for front row viewing, so we've got mainly back-of-head footage here, but some nice crisp audio!)

S and I right before the big change!

He left the camera off for the change itself as we didn't feel it was appropriate to capture the naked bums of other folks' babies. :) That said, the experience was certainly fun, a little chaotic and very memorable! I changed S from a prefold with a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (celery dot pattern) into her brand spankin' new blue giraffe Best Bottom dipe (one of my favourite blog giveaway wins so far!)

EBS gave away some great loot bags containing amber teething anklets, Buncha farmers stain remover sticks and laundry detergent samples to the first 20 registrants. (We were late to register so didn't qualify, but that was actually a good thing as we already have most of this stuff and were happy that other parents could try it out!) We did win S a cute pair of Baby Legs in a separate draw though - w00t!

Chris commented on how all the babies at the event seemed so happy! That's cause babies love fluff, I told him! :) Not only that, but many CDing parents embrace other natural parenting approaches as well (such as breastfeeding and baby wearing) which also invoke warm 'n' fuzzy feelings in our little ones! <3

Oh and finally, some BIG NEWS! Many of you have surely been following our no poop for almost two weeks saga. Well guess what? S pooed into her GCDC diaper! YAYY! She was obviously inspired by the event as well. ;)

Thanks to EBS for allowing us KW region locals to take part in such an historical event!


  1. Great videos/photos! Good for you winning the Baby Legs :)

  2. Looks like a great event!

  3. Hey! Thanks for posting :) We actually met at the event (my bebe is Tessa) How did the baby legs work out for you......I love them!!

  4. @Monkeydoooz - cool, glad you found me! You and Tessa look familiar but I met so many moms there that I forget where/when we were chatting. Was it during the change itself or before/after the event? (I just looked at a couple of the videos again to try to find you but don't think you're in them...?)

    RE: baby legs - haven't tried them on S yet! They're a winter pattern so she probably won't wear them til around next October or so. That said, maybe I'll at least give'm a try around the house! I have another pair on the way from an online giveaway as well. :D

    BTW joined your blog too!

  5. Thanks for posting this, Kristy, and thanks to you and your family for participating! I posted it on the EBS Facebook page, hope that's ok with you!
    Christine, Manager at the Waterloo EBS

  6. Hi Christine! Absolutely - thanks for posting it and kudos to you and the rest of the staff for such a great event!

    BTW is this the Christine I worked w/ at Polycon in Guelph? :)

  7. Hi Kristy, that Christine was the manager of the store but this is the Christine formerly from Polycon. I've been meaning to ask you for the link to your blog. I guess I've found it. Wish I could have made it to the great change, but it also looks like there may not have been space!

    Chris :)

  8. @Manager to Mom.....I am the one behind you with the striped white and blue shirt on. We also chatted outside the store afterwards with your husband (you were going to feed the babe at the store as it was more comfortable than a boston pizza :)) Baby Legs are fantastic! Tessa was wearing a pair at the event and diaper changes are easy peasy!!

  9. @Chris - ah ok, so there are two of you! ;) (Wasn't sure whether you were the manager or not.) Glad you found me and too bad you couldn't make it - was definitely a fun event!

  10. @Monkeydoooz - gotcha! So you did make it into my vids after all! And good memory ;)