Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just felt the urge to declare how much I love being a mommy!
  • I love my daughter's sweet smiles, giggles and big blue sparkling eyes!
  • I love her snuggling up next to me, sleeping peacefully in the Moby
  • I love warm & comfy bedtime feedings with lullabyes playing in the background
  • I love watching her learn new skills and make new discoveries!
  • I love the new experiences and challenges having a child has opened for my husband and me
  • I love the fact that we've started a new generation for my family!
  • I love baby yoga, swimming lessons and the other fun "mom & baby" activities we've been doing
  • I love the awesome & addictive world of cloth diapering!
  • I love connecting with other mommies, exchanging experiences, stories and advice
  • I love HER! So very much :)
So there you go! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming! :)


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