Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mail SCORE!!!! :D

Went for a nice walk with hubs and daughts tonight, and on the way back we decided to check mail. I was excited to see the key inside our mailbox which meant there was a package in one of the big boxes at the bottom. w00t! I'm still waiting for a few giveaway wins plus a couple bumboo baby diapers I ordered from Baby Steals so I was pretty sure it would be one of these. But when we opened up the box, we saw not one, not two but THREE packages! SCORE!!!

Here they are - any guesses as to what's inside each one???? I'm about to open them now and will report back! ;)


*UPDATE* This was a total fluff score! :D

A 45/90 pack of Rockin' Green in Rage Against the Raspberry which I won from Chase's View, a Best Bottom diaper + 3 inserts from a giveaway at Six in the Nest (in the cutest blue giraffe pattern - HEART!) and two Earth Mama & Baby bumboo fitted dipes I bought from Check it out!!


  1. A Fuzzibunz OS, a Blissful Booty AIO, and a bag of RnG!

    HAHA! I don't know. Tell us!! :)

  2. Stephah - you got one right and the other two were CDs, so close!!! :)

  3. What a perfect combination! I love getting packages in the mail too! I think that's the only reason I enter contests! haha!