Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where do you find the time?

I have to admit something here. In order to find the time to host & enter giveaways, blog and otherwise "do my thing" online, something's gotta give. Usually it's sleep (I will often get up an hour or two before DD and DH to get some "me time"), but sometimes it's also household duties (the carpets really need to be vacuumed right now) and husband time (often in the evenings, we're both on our laptops rather than spending quality time together!) And we just have one child - and a healthy, happy, easygoing one at that!

As some of you may recall, I wrote a "Day in the Life" post a few weeks back documenting what I do over the course of an average day. The post had a good 60-70+ line items, so I was doing stuff over pretty much the whole day. Yet still I didn't even get around to making dinner and ultimately not too many other things "got done" either. "Where does the time go?" I ask myself day to day!

As such, I'm in awe of all you mamas out there who seem to do it all. Many of you have multiple children, host giveaways almost on a daily basis, blog & tweet frequently, spend quality time with the whole family and with friends AND cook & clean regularly. How do you do it? Do you find that you sacrifice sleep in order to get things done? Have you just gotten really darned efficient at everything? Have you surgically attached a couple extra hands to your body? :D I'd love to hear your experiences and any tips you might have!

On a related topic, a question for those of you who babywear: do you find you're able to get a lot done while you're wearing your baby? What types of activities and chores are you able to do and/or do you enjoy doing while babywearing?

And one more question: What do you tend to do while your child naps? Do you tend to use this for "me time" (for blogging or what have you) or for getting things done? Awhile back I tried the method of doing a half hour of chores at the beginning of each nap prior to me time, but then our daughter started having such short naps (only a 1/2 hour or so at a time) such that this wouldn't allow me *any* me time! So I've been tending toward jumping at this time while I can, and doing most chores while baby is awake. On the one hand, I feel a bit guilty about this (ahhh mother's guilt) but on the other hand, I frankly NEED some me time or I start feeling sluggish and/or resentful. Am I alone here or do others feel the same way?

Love to hear thoughts from other mamas (and papas too, of course) on all this! :)


  1. I don't find time to do it all! LOL, sometimes the house isn't dusted or vaccuumed, but what I do find time for is playing with the kids. Getting them out of the house when I can and just enjoying life. Because when you look back on it all, you won't be thinking "was my house clean?" You'll be remembering all the wonderful memories that you made with your family. Don't sweat the small stuff and if you don't have time to "do it all" then just say muck it! =)

  2. I can so resonate with this. Having just started my blog, I love the ME time while baby girl is napping to do that (or sleep...ha)! What you said about 'mommy guilt' is so true, but I'm getting over that. She helps with some chores, or plays quietly while I get them done. The evenings are really our family time (together with daddy), and then I often stay up later than everyone else to blog, shower, etc. I'm really working to not be TOO lax, though; it's important to me to keep a welcoming home, and to have time with my husband as well.

  3. I wanted to add that everything I do throughout the day (while baby girl is awake), I try to involve her. These are times I know I'll never get back. I'm really working on just making blogging a PART of my life. She is absolutely my focus and my joy...if that changes, I know I'm doing too much!

  4. OK last comment on this post, haha! Sometimes weekends, but always Sundays are sacred at our house; no blogging, working, etc. Just family and relaxing.

  5. I'm like you... I sacrifice sleep because doing things that I love is more important than the sleep. I've never been a napper, so I don't nap (and do blog updates or occasionally chores while DD sleeps), and I stay up late (like, til 1 am every night). This gives me time to watch some taped TV shows, do stuff online, or just hang out with hubby.

    I have to admit I'm feeling a little tired today though ... hehe ;)

    Oh, and when I have a day with "extra" time, I pre-write some blog posts. I let them sit unpublished on blogger and then when I'm having those more crazy days, I have a few "back up" posts I can just hit publish on. I don't do this all the time, but I try to do it about once a week, and I find it does help!


  6. Like you, I get up an hour before everyone else, and that's when the blogging happens (and sometimes the facebook surfing and general time wasting). If the post isn't done by the time Jr wakes up (sometimes it's a half hour, sometimes forty-five minutes after me), too bad.

    I have to leave the computer off until Miss sits down for her snack around ten and Jr is down for his first nap. Then I can finish off whatever blogging (or time wasting) I didn't finish earlier.

    I do the housework in bits and pieces throughout the day and week - I used to do it all in one day and enjoy the feeling of everything being clean at once. Not anymore.

    The kids don't mind just being in the same room as me while I fold laundry, or in the kitchen while I cook. Miss often "helps" with little things. Mr & I spend our time together in the evenings when the kids go to bed just relaxing - sometimes I'll sew or knit (how Little House on the Prairie). We go to bed fairly early - 10ish usually.

    Parts of my house are rarely clean. The laundry will often sit on top of the dryer (or in the dryer) for a few days. Sometimes (like last Friday) the breakfast dishes aren't done or in the dishwasher until lunchtime.

    Don't feel guilty. You'll develop a routine. You're doing a great job.

  7. Thanks ladies for your thoughts! Sounds like I'm not alone in sacrificing sleep (vs. other things) to get in some good-quality me time. Unfortunately DD is sensitive to caffeine so I can't rely on truckloads of coffee to keep me peppy. :-/

    @Lindsey - DSTST indeed! I'm a definite believer in that philosophy, though sometimes it's easier to follow in practice than other times! (Depending on mental & emotional state, current activities, etc.)

    @Erin - I like what you said about keeping weekends (or at least Sundays) open for family & relaxing. In this spirit, I've decided to move my giveaway roundup post (which takes a good chunk of time to create) from Sundays to Wednesdays.

    @CDC - Good idea re: pre-writing posts. I haven't done that yet but something to consider when I have extra time which isn't filled with giveaway-entering! (pff unlikely to happen ;)

    @Mrs - a lot of that sounds familiar! (doing housework in little bits, posts not being finished, etc.) One of the hardest things for me since DD arrived is to be OK with things being partially finished - e.g. the dishwasher half unloaded, a post half finished, etc. But I'm learning to be OK with this when need be. Leaving myself little notes helps :)