Monday, March 7, 2011

Mandatory chore time :)

As many of you know, for the past week and a half or so I've become somewhat markedly addicted to reading mama blogs and entering giveaways. And while this is certainly more productive than playing Zuma Blitz or watching Intervention (frivolous favourites I opted for previously in my spare time), it's not a substitute for a clean house, food on the table or folded laundry! Soooooo I've decided to enforce Mandatory Chore Timetm for myself. What is this, you ask? Well every time S goes down for a nap during the day, BEFORE applying to that brand spankin' new cloth diaper contest or checking the 57 new tweets in my feed, I will make myself do at least 30 minutes of chores. I think this will be effective for a few reasons: 1) Stuff will continuously get done, 2) It'll get done more quickly because I am efficient with my tasks when I'm on a schedule, 3) More time in the evenings will be freed up to spend with Chris and 4) I won't feel like a complete contest-cravin' degenerate. ;)

On that note, I just completed my 30 minutes during S's current nap and accomplished the following:
  • Trimmed her nails
  • Fitted the cover back on her bouncer chair
  • Added water to the fish tank (it's currently serving as a humidifier for our basement)
  • Swept the area around Lucy's litter box
  • Washed the dishes
  • Took out some recycling
Not bad, huh?

Now time to finish this post - got some giveaways to enter! :D


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