Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's our daughter in the water!

S had her first swimming "lesson" on Friday morning! She is enrolled in the 11-week Starfish program at the Waterloo Rec Complex. Ange 'n' Sam and Liz 'n' Luke are also in the program - yay for Mommy and Baby playdates!

S seemed to enjoy the experience, though she was more curious and pensive about the whole thing than outright thrilled. Lots of new sensations for her!

Here's a shot of me dipping her in for the first time!

Aaaand here's Daddy and S emerging from the water at the end of the lesson:

The actual pool time was awesome, however I found the before and after overhead a bit intimidating. S hasn't even had a bath in the big tub yet, so trying to shower myself and her at the same time was sort of nerve-wracking. Plus, I had to rely on feel rather than our trusty li'l temperature turtle to make sure it wasn't too hot for her! I also learned that less is more when it comes to pool-time organization. Chris and I brought a cumulative total of 5 bags - my backpack, his backpack, my purse, the camera bag and S's diaper bag. Next time we're going to cut that down to 2 or 3. (We nabbed our requisite "first time in the pool" vids so that's out of the way, and as cute as her pink hooded terry "swim robe" from Nana and Papa is, it is more appropriate for a leisurely day at the beach!)

Does anyone out there have any tips to help activities with little ones such as swimming lessons go as smoothly as possible? I can only imagine how much more complicated things would get with 2 or more kids!


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