Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eco-friendly shower curtain giveaway

Rachel's Reviews and Giveaways has a contest open to win an eco-friendly shower curtain from Rock Candy Life. I'd love to win this as our current curtain has been mended more times than I can count and is in dire need of a replacement! Plus, RCL shower curtains are 100% recyclable, chlorine and PVC-free, and they do not emit 'off-gasses' as traditional shower curtains do. (You know that smell when you first open up most new curtains? Well, that's the bad stuff - we don't want to be smelling that!!)

I thought of adding this to my weekly lineup, however decided against it as I'd like to keep that to baby & child-related products for now. So this one gets its own entry! If you'd like to enter as well, here's the link. Hurry as it ends tonight! (Open to US and CAN.)


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