Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not so happy baby :(

S hasn't been her normal, happy self the last few days. :( She's not nearly as smiley, she isn't responding to our voices or faces as much and she isn't really babbling or cooing. There's probably a good explanation - perhaps she's feeling a bit under the weather (lots of sickness going around recently), she may be starting to teethe or she might just be focusing on honing some new skills. Or perhaps a combination of the above. But as a mommy who's used to her little girl smiling and cooing at kisses, silly songs and goofy games, it tugs at the heartstrings a bit when these "old standbys" instead produce wary looks or no reaction at all.

I just talked to my mother-in-law who said that I worry too much, and that if I'm feeling down that li'l girl will pick up on it. But it's hard not to be affected by this sort of thing. I can't help but have some concern that I've inadvertently "withdrawn from her emotional bank account" or that she's sick or experiencing some sort of developmental regression. And I hear that this is not only natural, but a neverending process. Even when your children grow up into adults, they're still your kids! I feel a lot of sympathy for my grandmother who has lost 2 of her children. She said there isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't mourn for them.

Well this was a bit of a downer post! Time to pep things up a bit and get this week's giveaway roundup going! S's asleep right now and it's her short nap period of the day so I probably have another 20 or so minutes - let's see if I can pull this out! (Likely will need to finish during her next nap.)


  1. I hope she feels better soon! Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  2. I'm happy to report that Starryn was much happier again today! Lots of smiles and even some laughs. SQUEE!!

  3. SO happy she is back to her old self...which of course brings mama back to her old self! :o)