Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"S" @ 3 months: An apple a day!

It's official - S has completed her first fiscal quarter with highly successful results! :) She's growing well, learning lots of cool stuff about the world and winning hearts wherever she goes!
We did not manage to do a weigh-in on her 3-month birthday exactly (02/24) but a few days earlier when Chris clocked her in on Wii Fit (we told the game she was the family dog, heh) she was just under 12 pounds. Length-wise, our guess is just over 24 inches!

S has been sleeping in her crib for almost a month now. We moved her in there shortly after her 2 month birthday, and she's sleeping well! She continues to rotate around in there and usually ends up sleeping on her right side.

Here is her "official" three month pic. Look at that smile!!!

(Compare to her one month and two month pics!)
Here she is with her BFF Sam, who is two weeks her junior but has over two pounds on her!

One of her most prominent advancements this month was in her motor control. She went from batting wildly at objects to reaching out, grasping them and mouthing them for extended periods of time within 3-4 weeks. Check out this video of her with her grab apple toy (which made it to #5 on our favourite baby gear list!)

She also likes to take hold of her ankles when she's on her change table. She can't quite get to those toes yet, but soon enough! Speaking of change time, she's definitely getting feistier in this department! She loves air time on her bare bum as well as the silly face-to-face songs and games we play. This is where she gives us some of her biggest smiles & coos! When it's time to get the clean diaper back on, however, she's learned a kool back-arch-kick-the-prefold-out-from-under-her move which can make things a little challenging!

She's gaining a lot more strength in her legs as well! She loves "standing up" with assistance, and can even bear her own weight (albeit doing the "shaky bum dance") leaning on a support structure such as the glider foot stool. She also loves "walking" - here she is taking her first steps with Daddy at 2 1/2 months!
Her attention span is lengthening as well. If she's not overly tired, she enjoys being read to and looking at books as part of her bedtime routine. (Though sometimes she prefers to just manhandle them - especially her soft covered Sleepy Farm book!)

One activity she's not too keen on is tummy time. She tends to grunt her objection for half a minute or so and then rest her head back down. We reassure her that it's good for her; might as well hone that phrase early as it'll surely get put to use during toddlerhood!

Finally, she's really beginning to exercise those vocal chords! Lots of vowel sounds, coos, grunts and trills. Oh, and most recently.....LAUGHTER! She has started making a definitive "hahaha" sound, usually when we're giving her neck kisses or raspberries. It's still very sporadic however so we haven't managed a video just yet!
So many changes in such a short period of time; can't wait to see what's next! (I need to make sure I keep my current giveaway addiction in check so that I don't miss anything! ;)


  1. Wii Fit has a baby profile option, you just set them up as a person, and put in the correct age. We've got one for Amber, and all three cats.

  2. Ahh guess we didn't look close enough! Thanks Tracy - we'll check it out!