Monday, February 7, 2011

The big move...

On Friday night, Chris' mom pointed out that it was high time we moved S from her bassinet to her "big girl" crib. Although I'd hoped to keep her in our bedroom until 3+ months, she outgrew the bassinet sooner than expected so we had to agree that the big move to her nursery was in order!

We tried her out in the crib for the first time that night. Unfortunately, we'd made the mistake (in hindsight) of having jerk chicken for dinner; it appears that in addition to a likely caffeine sensitivity, S's little tummy may also have an aversion to spicy food as she ended up fussing and crying until about 2:30 AM. (Gah - another culinary favourite I'll have to cut out of my diet!) I slept for the last hour or two of this and my vunderful husband performed the required labour of love, soothing and calming her until eventually she conked out. He put her in the crib at that point and she slept until about 7 AM. Saturday night she was in there for another 5ish hour chunk, and then finally last night she slept through the night from 12:30 until 8 AM.

I was pretty sure the transition would go well for S, as she didn't exactly heart the bassinet. She'd sleep there fine once she was sufficiently tired at night, but she pretty much refused to nap in it during the day, preferring any of three chairs (bouncer, swing and extra car seat) we have scattered around the main floor. It appears that once she reaches her "sufficiently tired" point at night, however, she'll sleep anywhere - the challenge is getting her to that point. :) I was less sure how Chris and I would adapt to the move, but as it turned out it wasn't really a big deal. Her nursery's just around the corner and we keep the doors open so we can hear her clearly when she makes significant noise. I did have the urge to check on her frequently the first two nights, but last night I allowed myself to sink deeper into sleep and not worry about her too much. When I finally did get up to check her at about 6 or 6:30 AM, I was surprised to find that she had gone from this:

to this:

Although she has been getting a lot "kickier" over the last few weeks and has gained the ability to roll onto her side, I had no idea she'd become this much of a mover 'n' shaker! Talk about taking advantage of all that new space! :)

She was sleeping peacefully so I decided to leave her be despite the wonky alignment. An hour or two later when I went back in for her morning feed, I found her like this:

At this point, I convinced myself that she was either teaching herself geometry or the four cardinal directions. I was tempted to let her sleep for another hour or two and discover North, but it was time to start the day! ;)


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