Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family pics :)

Although we've (obviously) taken zillions of pictures and videos of S so far in the almost 3 months (!) she's been with us, Chris and I noted that we don't really have any *good* pictures of the three of us together as a family. Thanks to (Great) Aunt Heather, who is always eager to pull out the ol' point 'n' click for an impromptu photo shoot, we now have a couple decent shots! These were taken this past Sunday when we had Aunt Heather, Uncle Terry, Dad and Linda over for dinner:

...and one with our other "daughter" as well:

(Yes, Chris is wearing plaid shorts and his "chick magnet" shirt and my hair is still wet and somewhat unkempt, but I like the spirit of these shots! We plan to set up a more "professional" session soon enough - whether we attempt it ourselves or enlist a photography service is TBD.)


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