Friday, February 4, 2011

"When will we know" questions

As I'm sure many new parents do, Chris and I have been posing a lot of "When will we know?" questions to each other about S, concerning her physical traits in particular. When will we know what her permanent eye colour will be? How about hair colour? When will we know whether she will be left or right handed?

We have our theories/guesses. For example, we think she's going to have blue eyes as they're a really bright, solid blue right now. From what I've heard, a baby's eyes tend to be more gray or mottled if they're going to change colour. I've also noticed that she seems to prefer her left hand at this point when it comes to batting out at objects, grabbing onto my shirt when feeding, etc. Her hair is an interesting one. She still has her dark brown "mullet" at the back that she's had since birth, but the new hair growing in front and her eyebrows are a lot lighter, and sometimes look reddish under certain lighting.

That said, It seems that for most of these, we'll need to wait awhile to find out for sure! Handedness, for example, generally doesn't start to emerge until 6-9 months and shouldn't solidify until after 18 months (according to Babycenter). Hair and eye colour can apparently change multiple times and may not settle until the child is several years old! It'll be interesting to track these and other traits as she grows older, along with all the other fascinating developments still to come!

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  1. The brown hair Caleb had a birth fell out, then he was bald for a LONG time and now he has almost white-blond hair. His eyes were bright blue until he was about 6 months then slowly started changing...he has brown eyes now (but we weren't sure until he was well over a year). At almost 3, I'm still not entirely sure which is his dominant hand!! Have fun torturing youselves, I know we do :P