Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More cloth wipe adjustments

Since we started making our own wipes early last month, we've made the following improvements:
  1. We now mix a much larger portion (about 4x the amount) in a large mason jar and refill the peri bottle until the mason jar gets empty. This allows us to go at least a week before we need to make another batch.
  2. We originally folded all wash cloths with the rough side out, but we now fold about two thirds of them with the soft side out. We use the rough ones for poopy diapers and the soft ones for pee diapers; we figure the latter are nicer on her bum when there's no "material" to scrape away. :)
I've also noticed that following our current laundry routine, the wash cloths come out smelling a bit "flowery" from the wipe solution, so I'll probably start stripping them via the boil method every month or two to prevent this from getting into the dipes and causing stinkies.


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