Monday, February 21, 2011

Not so posty recently...

A few reasons:
  1. S is back to NOT sleeping through the night (probably due to the early arrival of her 3-month growth spurt!)
  2. Busy weekend - I curled twice (it's good to be back out there!), we organized & attended a 94th birthday lunch for Grandma C and had dinner at the Campbell's.
  3. I've been doing s'more research (in addition to tips for getting more blog traffic) - checking out, surveying dipes which fit well on skinny-legged babes, learning about how to enter and host blog giveaways. Oh, and I finally signed up on Twitter - mainly for the purpose of gaining additional entries into cloth diaper giveaways. I have a feeling I'm going to get addicted to this. :D
3, unfortunately, often results in me staying up ridiculously late (see timestamp) which isn't ideal especially when coupled with 1. On that note, time to hit the hay! I've got some ideas for "meatier" posts which I'm hoping to get to soon! :)


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