Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"S" @ 4 months: Tasty Toes!

I can't believe our sweet li'l girl is already one third of a year old! (Not only that, I was just thinking yesterday how I've been on mat leave for 5 months now. What????!?! How'd that happen? But anyway, this post is about S, not me, so I digress!)

Official weigh-in at the doctor's office (along with her 4-month shots, which she handled like a champ) came one day shy of her 4 month birthday. She clocked in at 12lb 6oz (25th to 50th percentile) and 25 inches (50th to 75th percentile). Looks like she's going to be long & skinny like her parents - no surprise there!  

I was determined to get another smiley shot for her 4-month pic. After about 10 tries, we got a gem!

(Compare to her one month, two month and three month pics!)

S's motor control continued to improve this month. Now she can easily reach out and grasp objects she's interested in. I need to be careful when she's sitting on my lap at the table as she has nearly flying saucer-ized my Cheerios a couple times now! She loves to pull the rings off of her Fisher Price "Rock-a-Stack" (a baby staple), and she's getting much better at spin spinning her Alphabet Zoo! Check it out:

And, of course, EVERYTHING goes in her mouth at this stage. Toys, teethers, blankets, her hands, my hands, your hands, and the latest and greatest...... her toes! As soon as her diaper is off during a change, her legs kick up and her toes are in her mouth.  I swear this girl's going to be a contortionist when she grows up as I can't believe how flexible she is! (Then again, she did spend her last few months in my belly assuming this position, so it shouldn't be too surprising.)

I'm sure it goes without saying that she now gets a little pissy when it's time for the diaper to go back on! ("What - I have to give up my toes? This is bullsh*t!!!!") She has even developed a new sound to voice her displeasure over the last few days - a combination of a grunt and a growl. She can't help but smile if you do it back to her, though!

A big milestone this month - she has learned to roll onto her tummy! However she hasn't grasped the fine art of rolling back yet, so she'll get there and become frustrated as she's now facing the daunting prospect of perpetual tummy time! (Unfortunately no video of this yet; will need to snap one stat!) Apparently most babies are the opposite, learning the front to back maneuver first. Our DD just has to be different!

Her neck and back continue to gain strength and control. She's now pretty steady in the bumbo chair and just about ready to join Mom & Dad at the table in her super-sleek 'n' modern Boon Flair pedestal high chair! (Or the "hair cutting chair", as Maryana calls it!)

She's also loving the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo she borrowed from her cousin Avery (though she can't QUITE touch the floor yet!)

Now that she isn't quite as "breakable", we've been starting the activities which let her experience movement - airplane, bouncing games, pseudo-inversions, etc. She loooves this stuff!

Socially, she continues to be a happy little camper! Lots of smiles for everyone and laughter is pretty much guaranteed upon making funny kissing sounds around the sides of her tummy!

She has also become intensely fascinated by "the baby in the mirror", as my 3 month, 2 week update from promised she would be!

Finally, I like to put people on speaker phone as she so she can hear voices on the other end. She gets totally spellbound by this, widening her eyes, grabbing at the phone and cooing. She's probably (and understandably) a little baffled as to how her Granda Mary is talking to her from inside that tiny black box!

A few other noteworthies from this month:
Shara tells me that the changes are a mile a minute during Month 5, so expect even more pics and vids next month!! :)


  1. Great pics - I'll have to try and check out the videos later :>

  2. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog… i'm now following and subscribing to yours :)

    We have a LOT in common - lol! I also have my daughter to thank for cloth diaper and giveaway addictions (thank you for the round up post by the way). I too was teased as a kid for being skinny and having really really knobby knees. Our daughters were only 1 oz different in size at birth, etc.

    The food journey is fun! As you have read we are doing baby led solids and so far this week Finnley has had avocado, apple, banana, sweet potatoes, carrot, mushroom, salmon, and green beans. She is primarily 'playing' at this stage but is starting to get the hang of it and can get the food to her mouth efficiently, bite off a piece, chew, and swallow.

    I look forward to reading more!

  3. Thanks for following back Mummy Kim! Indeed, it appears we do have a lot in common! :)

    Sounds like the solids journey will be fun (and messy) - looking forward to it!

    Glad to have connected with you!

  4. Thank you for following my blog and particpating in my giveaway:) Following you back. Coffee & Laughter

  5. Thanks for following, Melissa! Hope you enjoy my blog. I post lots of CDing related info and have a weekly giveaway roundup! Also hoping to host my own giveaways soon. :)