Friday, March 25, 2011

A Day in the Life of M2M!

So The Mrs (a fellow frugal Canadian mommy blogger, who is awesome and hilarious I might add - go check her out!) inspired me to document "A Day in the Life of Manager to Mom" thanks to this guest DitL post on her own blog. What a cool idea, I thought. As one who revels in comprehensiveness, this little project seemed right up my alley! Plus, I thought it would be illuminating in a couple ways. First of all, these days tend to go by in such a blur that at the end of each one it's hard to remember what actually took place and got done! Secondly, it might help me identify bad habits or inefficiencies which could be improved upon. So without further ado, here are the nitty gritty details of my life on March 24, 2011!

(Note - unfortunately no pictures here to jazz things up. I'm not sure how Lannis managed this in her post amid all the activity in her day and written documentation of said activity, but I digress.)

- 3:45  - S crying. Get up to feed her. (Note - she had her 4-month shots yesterday which likely explains why she woke for a middle-of-the-night feed. Most nights lately she makes it until at least 6 AM.)
- 4:00 to 6:45 - Sleep. Weird dreams.
- 6:45 - S hungry again. Feed.
- 6:55 - Put S back to bed, head downstairs, grab a bowl of cereal.
- 6:59 - Realize internet isn't connected; go up and plug in router (we’ve been unplugging at night). Check on S again who’s fussing a bit. Head back downstairs to start “day in the life” logging.
- 7:04 - Check on/soothe S again (still fussing)
- 7:07 - Check email, respond to a couple
- 7:13 - S STILL fussing. Go up, change her diaper, put her back in her SleepSack and try one more time to get her to finish sleeping! (She almost always sleeps until 8-8:30 so don’t want to veer from the routine if possible.) Have my “morning constitutional” (as my Mom says).
- 7:25 - Finish (soggy) cereal. Scan through blogroll.
- 7:34 - Start giveaway tweets
- 7:48 - S crying; get her up. Rock her, read a few books, take her in to wake up Daddy!
- 8:21 - Put S in one of her chairs with a soft rattle. Finish giveaway tweets.
- 8:35 - S has fallen asleep. Enter some new giveaways.
- 9:28 - Feel a bit dirty from spending too long on giveaways. :/ S still sleeping. Reboot computer.
- 9:30 - Deal with paper items lying around - credit card activation, dormant account close, hospital donation & a couple others
- 9:55 - Clean out receipts and random paper bits out of purse
- 10:00 - S awake; change; bare bum time; “fly” her around the house a bit!
- 10:24 - S in jumper; put in cloth diaper laundry
- 10:30 - Make scrambled eggs w/ red onion & jalapeno havarti for brunch!
- 10:49 - Eat brunch; make funny faces at S
- 10:57 - Nurse S; give her a vitamin D drop; read blog posts while nursing.
- 10:59 - One of my giveaway wins arrives. New books for S! (Chris gets door).
- 11:17 - S in her gym. Open books, send email to giveaway host, show Chris, file in her bookshelf. Take pictures of books and my Driline baby prize pack which I received last week. (Plan to blog on this later.)
- 11:29 - 2nd cycle of CD laundry; feed fish and show S for a few minutes; fill up jugs to refill tank (water constantly evaporates 'cause it's super dry in the basement); take hanging dipes from last laundry day upstairs
- 11:37 - Change S; dress her; kisses & peekaboo; quick visit with Daddy!
- 11:52 - Quick twitter feed check
- 11:58 - Play with ring tower; S has learned to take off each ring one by one!
- 12:02 - Change S outfit (puke)
- 12:12 - Phone call w/ Mom
- 12:22 - 3rd cycle of CD laundry
- 12:25 - Put S down for nap. (Takes some time getting her down as we’re just starting to put her in her crib for naps.)
- 12:43 - Mix more cloth wipe solution; file paperwork; wash brunch dishes & wipe counters
- 1:04 - S awake. Let her chill in crib while I go through boxes of borrowed clothes to find onesies & sleepers a size up (she's quickly growing out of her current rotation!)
- 1:14 - Take her out of crib for tummy time
- 1:18 - Nurse S
- 1:32 - Load of baby laundry downstairs to wash; CD laundry in dryer; empty water jugs into fish tank
- 1:46 - Quick email/blog/twitter check. S goobing on my thumb.
- 1:56 - Call Diapers 'n' More to check if they have swim dipes in stock (they do!); call (great) Grandma Catherine to check if we can come visit
- 2:05 - Songs and airplanes w/ S
- 2:11 - Diaper change; take "official" 4-month photo of her for her monthly growth gallery
- 2:28 - Set S in chair with stuff to do; shower
- 2:42 - Out of shower; floss, brush teeth and comb hair. S sleeping in her chair so decide to wait until after her nap to head out on errands.
- 2:51 - Realize I haven’t eaten anything since brunch so grab a pickle, carrots and crackers. Plan to grab a snack wrap or sumpin from Tim’s on the way out. Another 15 minutes on dryer to finish CD laundry.
- 3:00 - Take the opportunity to trim S nails
- 3:05 - Accidentally clip her fingertip as I’m finishing her left hand. :(((( She wakes up crying but then goes back to sleep.
- 3:07 - Clip nails on her right hand. She wakes up again, this time for realsies - POOO!
- 3:14 - Do a bit more online-y stuff. DH comes down  and makes a snack platter. Asks if I’m still planning to head out, noting that “It’s 3:30”. Yes I am, I reply. I'd been planning to make dinner but since the day's getting away from me we agree to rock the leftover chili instead and save cooking for tomorrow night. (Note - I'm sure there are organizational / time management efficiencies to be gained here!)
- 3:22 - Baby laundry in the dryer; cloth diapers finish. Fold CDs while playing peekaboo with S.
- 3:36 - Nurse s. Scan Twitter feed. Cuddle with S a bit, who is snoozing post-feed.
- 4:00 - More giveaway tweets; enter a couple more contests; comment on some blogs. Have to yank myself away in order to get ready to head out. (Note: my proclivity toward "online inertia" is definitely something to work on!)
- 4:37 - Call Grandma and Mom; Grandma's up for a visit but Mom won't be coming out as she needs to make cream cheese pinwheels. (?)
- 4:46 - S up. Change her, ready diaper bag, get her into carseat.
- 5:05 - On the road
- 5:12 - Timmy’s - pick up snack wraps, fritters and coffees for Grandma and me!
- 5:40 - Arrive at Grandma’s for visit. Grandma is happy to see her GGD. S tries icing sugar for the first time.
- 6:30 - Nurse. Grandma's seen my boob a few times now. She tells me I am a "good cow". :D
- 7:00 - Kisses to (Great) Grandma. Head out.
- 7:15 - Diapers N More. Let S pick out a Monkey Doodlez swim diaper; she chooses Lil Quacker!
- 7:35 - Starbucks drive-through. Get Random Act of Kindness’ed - customer ahead of us pays for Chris’ mocha!! *warm and fuzzy*
- 8:00 - Home. Guessing game with Chris while he changed a very wet S diaper: "Why was your mocha free?" (He needed a big hint.)
- 8:05 - Check online stuffs, post about RAoK incident.
- 8:17 - Head out for groceries, cash cheques at ATM, check mail (another UCCB cheque from the federal government. It pays to procreate!!!)
- 9:12 - Get home, change into comfies.
- 9:20 - Night diaper; feed; S to bed.
- 10:00 - Some online financial stuff; recharge camera batteries.
- 10:30 - Fold laundry; watch Jeopardy on time shift. (Chicky has won over 100K in three days - nice haul!)
- 11:00 - Put away boxes of borrowed clothes & clean CD laundry in nursery; S fussing so spend a few minutes soothing
- 11:10 - Back up recent photos/videos on external drive.
- 11:35 - Wash swim diaper
- 11:41 - Chill with Chris on the couch, The Office in the background and post-ize this “Day in the Life”!
- NOW (too late) - BED!!!!

Whew - there you have it! As it turns out, I definitely Do Stuff over an average day but there are also areas where productivity and organizational improvements are certainly possible. Now time to pass the baton to anotha blogga - who wants to do a DitL next?? I'd love to hear how you mamas with multiple kiddos manage to get things done AND rock out some excellent blogging and giveaway hostin'!


  1. Oh, I suffer from online inertia big time.

    I make myself get up an hour before everyone else and that's when I get the most important blog stuff done. Except when I'm making everyone wait to eat until I. Just. Take. This. Last. Picture.

    Then I get nap time for both kiddos to do any client work or get sucked into the interweb.

    Today I was in the middle of your post when Miss woke up a half hour earlier than she usually does. So I succumbed to my flu-ey feelings and lay down on the couch while she had some quality time with the potty.

    And now I've been interrupted by a little voice informing me that she "peeped" in her underpants.


  2. Woohoo, Driline gift pack ;) Would love to see the photos/post--can you email me when they're up? I'm really bad at checking my blogroll often :/ Time is very limited! lol


  3. @Mrs - so when do we get YOUR DitL post? Or did you already do one at some point?

    @Lisa - for sure! And I hear ya - blogroll checking can certainly suck a lot of time! (But so fun/addictive! :)

  4. Wow~! You just made my head spin! Rem ind me not to read this post at 5 am again. lol