Saturday, March 5, 2011

Latest stash additions - gDiapers and more covers!

Thanks to the awesomeness of Kijiji, I've now built up our cloth diapering stash to the point it may take Starryn all the way through to potty training!

Up until this point, we've been using mainly prefolds & covers on her during the day and Kawaii snazzy minky OS pockets at night which has worked out well. In addition to the 6 Bummis covers which came with the kit, I also acquired 3 WAHM covers resulting in a nice rotation. She's quickly outgrowing the small prefolds, however, so I've been hooking us up with a large prefold setup which began with the purchase of 18 premium Bummis prefolds and a medium super brite cover.

Most recently, I got my hands on the following (all either new or in EUC and at deliciously low prices!)

  • A wool cover, made by a local mama (bottom left). Isn't it cute?! I've been wanting to try out wool covers for awhile now for their breathability and antibacterial properties, and also just to mix things up a little bit, and at $10 the price was right on this one! The previous owner already prepped it, however the perfectionist in me feels the need to redo things before putting it on Starryn. I've gotta hop to it though as it's a small cover so it'll probably only fit her another couple months.
  • Two medium (15-30 lbs) Bummis super snap wraps (bottom right). That's right - snaps on a Bummis cover! I didn't even realize these existed! Although aplix closures are super convenient, I like the durability and longevity of snaps. We intend to use these puppies and the medium super brite along with the premium prefolds once she "graduates" to the larger size. (Assuming we stick with prefolds; I've heard from a few mamas recently that they switched to pockets once their LOs became super-wrigglers. Time will tell!)
  • Four medium (13-28 lbs) gPants from gDiapers (top). Our main incentive to buy some hybrids was that we'll be cottaging this summer; we don't want to deal with full on cloth diaper laundry, however we also don't want to resort to disposables. Hybrids are ideal as there'll be limited laundering required (just the inserts and covers) and the disposable inserts are biodegradable and will break down within 50-150 days. The medium gPants can also be used with a small trifolded prefold, thus providing more day-to-day diapering options and extending the life of my small Bummis PFs as well!
I'm excited to try these new additions - especially the gDiapers! Starryn is between 12 and 13 lbs now so she should be able to fit into them within another couple weeks. If you're interested in learning more about them, I plan to do a full review here so stay tuned! I may also post reviews of some of the other CDs and related products I've been using. As many of you know, I've been obsessed with entering giveaways recently (as I practically salivate at the prospect of trying even MORE new diapering products!!!!!), however it would be even awesomer to host 'em myself! Crawl, walk, run... :)


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