Sunday, January 30, 2011

Small world & sweet covers!

A few days ago during my regular Kijiji cruise for new cloth dipe listings, I saw an ad for 3 super cute covers - medium size, never worn and just $5 each! I emailed the seller for the brand as it wasn't clear from the photo; turned out they were made by a work at home mom (or "WAHM") who sells her stuff on Etsy. Check out her store - she has some great stuff! The Kijiji seller was letting the covers go at less than half the price as she was no longer cloth diapering her son and clearing out her stash. I wrote her back and told her I'd take'm.

So that was awesome - but even cooler was that it turns out the seller and I go way back. She and I were penpals in Grade 8! We both went to Catholic schools in the KW area, and our respective teachers were married to one another and had the idea of matching up their students to write back & forth. I remember having a lot of fun with this as she was really nice and had a sense of humour, and the two of us had a lot in common. We met once or twice as well. Turns out we still share some commonalities nearly 20 years later as we're both new moms, into living green.

Great to reconnect with you, Jaime - small world!!! :)

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  1. A very small world indeed! Great to reconnect with you, Kristy. Glad you found my blog as well, hopefully you'll find something of interest every now and then over in my little piece of cyberspace .

    I love reading about the adventures of other new moms so I look forward to reading your posts.