Tuesday, January 4, 2011

S's first Christmas - the abridged version!

It was my intent to do a fairly elaborate and picture-heavy post here, however it's been challenging to grab more than a few free minutes at a time the last few days. S hasn't been in peak form recently - she's battling some rashy skin and digestive issues (possibly reflux) so she's been needing more than the regular allotment of TLC. I'll likely post on this in more detail shortly - again if/when I can find some time!

S did have quite the eventful holiday season. We spent Christmas Eve at Papa Charlie and Nana Linda's place in Cambridge, then Christmas Day was broken into three parts - morning at Gramma and Grampa Campbell's (where cousins Hailey and Avery tore through their gifts in record time!), afternoon at our place with Grandma Mary (or "Granda Mary", as she wrote on S's card :), Empa Norm (or "Ewpa Norm", if we go by the typo committed by his antique printing press), GG Catherine, Aunt Becky, Paul and the boys and evening back at the Campbell's for dinner and S's gifts. Kel, Ange, Rick, Leena and Sam came over for a visit on Boxing Day and we went back over to Pape Charlie and Aunt Linda's on the 29th for our smaller Christmas celebration (with just the immediate family). Much food was consumed (indirectly by S and directly by the rest of us!) and many gifts were exchanged. S received a multitude of toys, clothes and blankets, some of which we've already introduced her to and have been well received! She appears to be past the "black and white only" stage, and loves to look at bright & colorful objects - especially when accompanied by Daddy's funny sounds and voices!

Due to all the excitement over the holidays, S's health challenges and a bug I've been battling myself leaving me tired and snot-filled, we opted to stay in on New Year's Eve. Dad & Linda popped in for a quick game of Settlers, but then left at about 10:30 leaving the three of us to ring in the New Year over a couple glasses of bubbly and an episode of Ally McBeal.

A buncha holiday pics can be found in my Facebook album. To cap things off here, though, a few of the best!

Baby's First Christmas:

Group shot - Geffros ladies! S models her festive red dress from Great Aunt Cora & Uncle Mick!

Matching Elmo PJs - best gift ever from Aunt Tracey!


  1. That Santa hat pic is so precious!!!

  2. She's out cold in that one. Otherwise the hat probably wouldn't have stayed on so nicely. :)