Sunday, January 30, 2011

"S" @ 2 months: Punching Puppies

During her 2nd month, S grew like a weed and really began to develop a little personality! At last Monday's pediatrician appointment (on her 2 month "birthday") she weighed 10 lb 5 oz right after a big poop, and a day later clocked in at 10 lb 8 oz right before THREE big poops. So she's somewhere in there, anyway. :) Length-wise, the agreed upon consensus was just over 23 inches. She has almost outgrown her bassinet so will be moving very soon to her big girl bed in her own room! That'll be a bittersweet day!

Here is her "official" two month pic - retiring this romper as well (as much as we love it) as it's now stretching awkwardly over her puffy cloth dipes:

(Compare to her one month pic here.)

S tired of her black & white sailboat at around 6 weeks old so we replaced it (well OK, covered it for awhile since we were lazy) with a colourful stuffed doggy toy. At first she just stared at it, but a week or so later she started swatting at it. By the end of the month she was going postal on the poor thing - check out the backhand in particular at 0:24!

She has started swatting at the toys in her Baby Neptune gym as well - I'll get a video of this soon.

About midway through her 2nd month, she started experimenting with cute li'l sounds. She now coos at us from her bassinet in the morning and gurgles happily at her favourite toys. She is totally in love with her Sassy Flutterby Teether - another toy with bright contrasting colours and a big ol' smile! This video was taken when she was just 6 weeks old:

In terms of neck strength & head control, she's just about there! She still does the head flop every once in awhile, but she can now keep it up long enough for Dad to do fun stuff with her like this!

A few other noteworthy developments:
  • She turns in the direction of voices - especially familiar ones!
  • Her attention span is longer. She'll focus for a good 5-10+ minutes on a book or a parade of animal "friends".
  • Her legs are getting quite strong. She loves that pull in and stretch out move, especially during diaper changes. :) If we hold her upright, she pushes down and is showing early signs of wanting to bounce!
  • She can now see people and objects from much farther away. For example, she loves watching hockey, but she's definitely not a Leafs fan:

Finally, we started her on solids this month*. She really likes sushi - the spicy, crispy salmon rolls in particular:

* Yes, I'm kidding. No need to contact CPS.



  1. She's soooo cute, Kristy! That last photo is priceless. It's crazy how quickly they grow and change.

  2. Thanks Jaime! I know - I can't believe she's over 2 months old already. It still feels surreal to think "I'm a parent!"