Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Memorable Monday 4/4

Before we begin, a quick reminder of what MM is, for those who didn't catch the inaugural edition the first time around!

This week's list:

Simple Organic for documenting 10 Childbirth Norms Parents Can Refuse. I believe that it's important for expecting parents to be aware of all the prenatal and birth procedures and interventions that are standard in our society, and understand that it's within their rights to turn down many of these if they are not comfortable with them. This article does a good job of listing and explaining these.

Adventures in Mommyhood: Mommy Outnumbered for her sweet & whimsical SAHM don't get sick days! post, which outlines what a job posting might look like for a SAHM.

Everything Cloth for her two excellent articles The Sanitizing Power of the Sun and What is Wicking? Each of these clearly explains a cloth diapering concept which is frequently misunderstood and/or shrouded in mystery. I definitely learned a thing or two here. For example, did you know that if weather prohibits line drying your diapers outside in order to remove stains, hanging them inside on window ledges can accomplish the same goal? As a Canadian gal, this is a welcome tip and I'm definitely going to try it out!

Connected Mom for a heartfelt and thought-provoking post My Son Was Born "Imperfect" - What Would You Do? from one of the contributors named Summer, documenting how she handled her son being born with a conspicuous but purely superficial port wine stain on his face, and how he responded mentally and emotionally as a result. Great post highlighting how attitude can be everything when it comes to navigating life's obstacles.


  1. How exciting to be featured in your 'Memorable Monday'! Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear that these articles helped you out :)

    Also, your blog spotlight is up on our site and looks great! Head over to check it out :) (and share the link with your readers to pump yourself up with your fans a little bit, too ;) That's always fun ;)

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  2. Hey Lisa! My pleasure. I always look forward to reading your posts!

    And thanks for featuring my blog on your site! Heading over to check it out now! :D