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Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloth Wipes from Baby Bahoonie: #Review and #Giveaway (Closed)

I'm excited to be partnering again with Canadian online boutique Baby Bahoonie, who I originally featured in September along with my review/giveaway for a Sling Sisters snack bag set. If you weren't yet following Manager to Mom at that point or can't remember what Baby Bahoonie is all about, I encourage you to take a look at that post for more about this wonderful baby boutique and the mompreneur behind it, Cinnamon Bhayani! If you like what you see, you can sign up for the Baby Bahoonie newsletter (see bottom left corner of page) and get updates and savings opportunities delivered directly to your inbox!

I'll be introducing you to two more fabulous products offered by Baby Bahoonie - Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloths (also by The Sling Sisters) and the Reversible Dress by LittleStar Boutique. I'll be reviewing the cloths in this post and the reversible dress shortly (stay tuned!)

Alright, so what exactly are "Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloths"? Are they bum wipes? Face cloths? Hand wipes? The answer - all of the above! According to the product description: 

Made of 100% organic cotton sherpa, these cloths are delightfully soft and absorbent.

We've found so many uses for them and always keep a stack in the kitchen to wash those messy faces and hands. They work great as reusable diaper wipes.

We also keep a secret stash for washing our own faces at the end of a long day. 

As a cloth diapering mama, I'm always up for trying new bum wipes so I was particularly keen on testing them for this purpose first, however I was also interested in seeing how they tackled my daughter's mushy food-covered hands and face after a big meal.

Baby Bahoonie sells these cloths in packs of 5, and Cinnamon sent me one such pack to review.

The first thing I noticed about these cloths was that they are, indeed, super-soft. Definitely worthy of gliding across a baby's sensitive skin! :) Each one is double-sided, with a smooth side and a fluffy side.

They're also quite large; about the size of a standard face cloth. This allows you to use one unfolded for wiping / wrapping around larger surfaces (such as a high chair try or baby's hand), or folded up once or twice to get a sturdier wipe.

In terms of thickness, I would say they are thinner than most "dedicated" cloth wipes I have tried but definitely thicker than the cheap-o wash cloths I still have kicking around.

I learned one thing the hard way with these cloths. They need to be prepped properly! I didn't see any warnings on the packaging, so I just threw 'em into a load of cloth diapers. Then when I went to use one during a diaper change, it repelled the solution I squirted onto it. Uh oh! I contacted Cinnamon who confirmed that the cloths contain natural oils (similar to organic cotton prefold diapers) and need to be washed 4-6 times separate from cloth diapers prior to using. Oops! Luckily, it didn't appear that my negligence had any ill effect on my dipes (probably because I only washed 5 of the cloths - a full stash worth might have done some damage!) I ended up tossing them into a pot of boiling water to prep 'em the rest of the way. This is more challenging (but doable) with prefolds because of the bulk, but I found it to be a nice & easy approach with my organic cotton sherpa cloths!

OK, so how did the properly-prepped cloths fare as diaper wipes? Let's look at a few key factors and use an old-school grading system! :)

  • AbsorbencyOnce prepped, these cloths become SUPER thirsty. A+
  • Softness - As I mentioned, the cloths were incredibly soft out of the package, but lost a little of this once prepped and washed a few times. Though still very plush! A-
  • Size/thickness - I found this combo to be pretty close to perfect. Folded twice into a square, I get a nice, sturdy surface that I can often refold (if required) to finish the job. In an ideal world, the cloth would be just a HAIR thicker, I'd say. A
  • Durability - Wipes will go through craploads (pun intended) of changes and laundry cycles, so they need to last! After a few washes, I have noticed that my cloths are getting a bit stretched and losing their perfectly square shape, however I think this naturally happens with 100% cotton. Other than this I think they'll be pretty hardy. B+
  • Wipe-ability - Huh? You might say. Of course a wipe should be wipeable! What I mean here is that the wipe should glide across the surface it is wiping - not bunch up or stick. I find that the smooth side of the sherpa cloth glides better than the fluffy side, so I've been tending to use this side. B

Overall? A for awesome. ;)

I've also tried using the cloths during dinnertime with S. I use them unfolded, and find that they are a good size for cleaning her sticky face and hands. The "wipeable" factor is even better here as I wet the entire cloth first which helps it glide.

All in all, I really like using these cloths both as diaper and face/hand wipes and would definitely recommend them for someone looking to build a stash for either purpose. And at just $7.95 for a pack of 5, they are very affordable to boot!

Buy It:

Head on over to Baby Bahoonie to purchase some Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloths of your own! While you're there, take some time to check out all the other great merchandise that the boutique has to offer! You can shop by category or brand, or do a direct product search.To stay up-to-speed on the latest product discounts, you can sign up for the Baby Bahoonie newsletter!

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  1. I would definitely use these as bum wipes or facial wipes! They look wonderful!!

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  3. I would love to use these as wipes!