Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Norwex: Your Tips & Ideas!

In my recent Norwex Fall Cleaning Pack giveaway, I asked you to submit a tip and/or idea for cleaning with Norwex products. Here are some of the great comments that were submitted. Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to trying some of these!

  • The norwex and polishing cloth work amazingly well for that nasty road grime that coats the inside of your car windsheild.  I've never been able to get it off until I borrowed a friends Norwex.  Now I need a set of my own!
  • I'd love to try out the Envirocloth on my nasty long overdue for a good scrub shower.  I love my dusting mitt and window buffer and know that the multipurpose cloth removes crayon (I borrowed my neighbours to try to remove crayon from a boardbook - I had scraped at it with various cloths and a fingernail with little luck, the norwex cloth wiped it off with littler effort.)
  • My cleaning tip:  Norwex is great at chemical-free cleaning, but don't forget how effective it is at picking stuff up! (Due to it's tight microfiber).  My story is this: Our dog vomited on the light coloured carpet, and after wiping it up there was still a stain.  We tried our Norwex cloth with nothing but water and the stain was gone!  Miraculous!
  • I have used one on my patio doors to rid it of my 4 children's little finger prints and tongue licks! works great !
  • I am a professional cleaner and I love the shine towels. Sometimes I have to clean stainless steel I wipe them down with a wet Norwex rag and dry witha  shine towel. Works like a charm!

  • ...clean my glasses!
  • I would love to use the mitt to clean my wood banister.  I could never get all the dust on the first try!
  • I like the car care kit - my suv gets really dirty from our monthty visits to see my parents 5 hours aways.  This kit would be perfect for cleaning up
  • Eager for the dusting mitt.  I need to clean my shelves and photo frames
  • Oh, I would love to clean our computers with a Norwex cloth!  Awesome!
  • I'd like to try the dusting mitt.  It would be helpful in dusting electronics and large areas like tabletops
  • The dusting mitt - I'd love to have a clean computer screen, a clean tv screen, dust my fans and shelves. :)
  • My TV. It was expensive and I am scared to use any cleaner on it so it is VERY dirty, similar to your pic. That would be the first thing.
  • I'd love to use the dust mitt for all my knicknacks.
  • The ceiling fan in our bedroom...honestly, I am a little scared
  • LOL - Can I say our WHOLE house we are way behind on cleaning everything. Our mirrored closet doors and kitchen backsplash might be first  

Looking to nab some of these great products for yourself? You can place an order with my giveaway sponsor Tasha Baldock, or with another consultant you may know. I just ordered some more products myself - can't wait to try the veggie & fruit scrub cloth in particular as I've heard great things about it!


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