Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rockin' Green: Your Tips & Ideas!

In my recent Rockin' Green laundry detergent giveaway, I asked you to comment on helpful/interesting ways you have used RnG in the past and/or or how you'd like try using it in the future! You guys shared some great suggestions and ideas, so I thought I would list 'em all here. I'm definitely eager to try a few of these! I actually just rocked a grungy stuffed animal soak myself and it worked like a charm! :)
  • Want to try this on my cloth diapers and hubby's socks!
  • I've soaked our pack'n'play in the tub with Rockin Green... you can check out pics of it on my blog Facebook page, Baby and the Chi's 
  • Love that it takes all the stinkies out and cleans really well. I do the RnG soak overnight about once a week, and it's great!
  • I would love to try this on the bibs of the children I care for
  • I'd like to try cleaning my carpet with it... but def. successfully rocked a few soaks already!
  • read RNG will clean tubberware stains!
  • I wash them once to get out the gross stuff before using any soap and use as little soap as possible
  • I'd love to try cleaning all the stains my daughters get down the fronts of their shirts...they are messy eaters!!  and I end up throwing out a lot of clothes
  • i'd like to try it to wash the floor
  • I have heard that Rockin Green Soap is great for doggie beds...well, this is a bit different but my dog will be giving birth in just one week and I will be using Rockin Green to clean the towels and blankets that get messy during the birth. Really hoping for the best for my blankets! :)
  • I haven't tried it yet but would use it on hard to clean dish clothes
  • I've rocked a soak on my diapers and got them extra clean! We ahve a few pet spots on the carpet we want to try to use it for and would love to try the funk rock to get rid of stinkies on a couple diapers I have.
  • We use rockin' green on our diapers but I would love to see if it got the gunk out of my husbands shirt collars!
  • I use it on my dipes, but I never thought about my kitchen cloths.  I usually bleach to get rid of the mildewy smell, but RnG would be much gentler on the cloths and on the environment.  Thanks!
  • I used it in my dishwasher-it was great!
  • I rocked a soak on my cloth diapers when I first tried Rockin Green - the water was so nasty, and I thought my diapers were clean!
  • Used it to rock a soak on some stinky microfiber inserts. My results were about the same as yours, MUCH better, but still could smell a little something funky....
  • ...would like to try it on some outdoor canvas chair cushions.
  • I would use it on sneakers!
  • I use Rockin' green on our regular diaper laundry, but also on cloth diapers I find at resale shops and garage sales.  It gets them as clean as new!
  • I would like to wash my kids sheets.  After a summer of bare feet I would love them to get really deep cleaned without using bleach.
  • I'd love to clean my dd's floor rugs! The bath mats was a wonderful idea!
  • Rockin Green was the only thing to get rid of the stinkies from the washcloths we use on our toddler after meals!
  • I love RnG and have rocked a tub soak for my cloth diapers- it worked like a charm after trying some detergent that did not work! 
  • I haven't used Rock'n Green yet, but I really want to try rocking a soak of our one size diapers. Especially in Funk Rock!
  • I haven't ever used Rockin' Green but would love to use it on my grungy kitchen cloths!
  • I have never used this product but would love to try it on stains -- especially on sheets and sleepers 
  • I rock a soak once a month letting them sit in the washer over night. It really helps keep them fresh.
  • Carpet Stains! I added a little bit of water to make a paste and scrubbed it right into the carpet. Worked wonders!
  • Haven't used RG yet, but would love to try it in the dishwasher (I'm having some problems right now with cloudiness).
  • I'd love to use it on my old stuffed animals. :)
  • I'd love to try cleaning my musty towels with this!  never tried it before!
  • Have never tried Rockin Green but have heard so much good about it -- would love to try it out on my baby laundry and also bedding!
  • I'd love to try rockin' a soak on my towels...I hear it really works to soften them up!
  • I was so impressed with your bathmat!  That is probably what I would use it for also.
Does anyone have any other tips or ideas to add to the list?


  1. Wow! I am going to have to check this stuff out. I've been doing a lot of cleaning with vinegar lately.

  2. Give it a try for sure! It's great stuff!

    Speaking of chemical-free cleaning, did you happen to see my sweet Norwex giveaway? ;)