Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time to Feed the Freezer!

During my 3rd trimester, we took the advice of many and stocked our deep freezer with MANY containers of home-made meals: soups, stews, cabbage rolls, casseroles and other goodies. We were so glad we did, as we basically ate out of the freezer for 3-4 weeks straight following S's birth. And ate well! Although we did bust out the occasional conventionally frozen dinner, these were few & far between.

Now that I'll be returning to work in about 3 weeks (insert stereotypical but oh-so-true statement lamenting the surprisingly expeditious passage of time here), we figured it makes sense to feed Mr. Freeze again. With S going to daycare 8 hours per day, M-F, something's telling me we're not going to want to spend the precious few hours we have with her each day slaving over frequent "from scratch" meals in the kitchen.

We've already begun the process. Here's what Mr. F has graciously accepted so far:
  • One small-ish container of turkey noodle soup (1 meal)
  • Two containers of cabbage rolls (8-10 rolls each)
  • Two containers of sausage, bean & potato soup (3-4 meals worth)

In addition to this, we're looking to make large batches of the following to add to the stockpile:
  • Chris' "famous" chili
  • Split pea & ham soup
  • Beef barley soup
  • Jerk chicken & Jamaican "rice and peas"
  • Pav Bhaji

We'd love to hear other ideas as well!

So tell me - what are your favourite dishes to make for the purpose of feeding your freezer?


  1. Hmmm things we stock up on... I personally love to freeze my leftover stews in family portions and single portions (chicken stew, lentil & kilbaska stew, homemade spaghetti sauce). I also love to make a HUGE batch of meatloaf and use half of it to make meatballs to cook at the same time and then freeze. Hope that gives you some more ideas. Basically we go by the idea that if it can go in the crock pot then it can be frozen after because ours is so big. We also love having all of our stew vegetables and meat chopped up and packaged in the freezer so that they can just be popped into the crockpot in the morning, then we come home to a ready made supper!

  2. Great ideas myricksl6! I like the idea of freezing chopped up veggies and meat - super convenient! Thanks for responding! :)