Saturday, May 5, 2012

Using Cloth Wipes in a Warmer

In response to my Two Sweet Potatoes OBV wipes review/giveaway post, one of my readers noticed that the product description for these wipes mentioned they could be used in a warmer. She was interested in hearing more details on how this works, and I was curious myself as this is something I've never done (though I do remember reading that attempting to use cloth wipes in a warmer designed for disposables could be bad news!!)

In any case, I contacted Nikki (owner of TSP) for more information and she got back to me with the following:

I used this one for my boys.  With the bamboo velour wipes you can just wet them and set them right in the warmer.  No need to measure and no need for the wipes to be swimming in solution since they are absorbant and hold onto the water and they stay soft unlike many types.  They really do not need a solution.  I can't comment on how much solution goes in because each solution is different in how to mix it and use it.  One option could be to pre-wet the wipes and keep them in the warmer and then spray the wet wipe with a solution if you feel you need to soap and/or scent.  Some people may prefer to use distilled water if they have really hard tap water and don't want that sitting in the warmer for several days at a time.  And you don't need to roll them up like in the picture (these are square wipes they are using), just lay them flat right in there and they will all get nice and toasty.

Awesome tips, Nikki. Thanks for sharing!

This would certainly come in handy at times in our household. Although our peri bottle squirt approach generally works very well for us, the solution gets a tad chilly on our daughter's bum when the temperature of our house dips a couple degrees below normal. (She's pretty sensitive!) As such, during these periods I'll often pre-wet a wipe with warm tap water prior to a change to "take the edge off". A warmer would definitely be a more convenient alternative! (Though probably a purchase I'd only be able to justify if we end up welcoming another li'l addition into our family, since S is getting close to potty training herself!)

Do you use a wipe warmer? Do you have any other cloth wipe-related tips you'd like to share?


  1. Awesome post. Thank you! I was the one wondering how it works. I will be excited to see if other people comment with their tips/experiences as well. I already have a wipes warmer so I will need to try and maybe buy some of those wipes.

  2. Thank YOU for bringing this up, Amy! :) Would love to hear your own experiences if you do end up trying it with cloth wipes!

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