Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free glasses from - the Real Deal!

I'd been seeing a lot of ads for on Facebook and other sites, and I wondered what they were all about but never clicked through to find out more. Then my sister-in-law told me about a promotion they ran during which they gave away 10,000 free pairs of glasses to first-time Canadian customers. All you needed to pay was shipping, which is around $12 anywhere in Canada. She got this pair and loved them! She mentioned that another such promotion was coming up on July 26th. Normally I would have been skeptical, but I'd been given a first-hand account from someone I trusted that this unbelievable deal was the real thing! As such, I moseyed on over on the 26th and grabbed myself this great pair! The glasses promptly arrived 3 days later in a tidy little box, along with two cases (hard and soft) and a cleaning cloth. Upon trying them on, I was thrilled! They're comfy, the alignment is perfect and I love the style. Whaddya think??

So how would YOU like a free pair of glasses for yourself? Amazingly, is having yet another free glasses promotion on August 10th starting at 9 AM EST. If you are Canadian and have not ordered from them before, you are eligible for this deal! The promo code you will need at checkout is FreeGlassesCA8 (you can find this on their Facebook page under FREE GLASSES! on the left menu). Here are some tips from my own experience:
  • Make sure you have your up-to-date prescription handy ahead of time. You may need to visit your optician in person to obtain this. (I did.) The specific values you will need are SPH (Sphere), CYL (Cylinder) and Axis for each eye (OD is right and OS is left). The site also asks you for a PD (pupillary distance) value, which is the distance between the middle of your left and right pupils. If your prescription does not include this, you'll need to measure but it's quite easy!
  • The site includes great features for zeroing in on the perfect frames! You can narrow your search by gender, frame size & shape, material, colour, brand and other characteristics. You can even plug in the dimensions of an existing pair of glasses that you love to view available frames that are the same, or very close, in size and shape! Do this by clicking Find Your Perfect Fit on the left menu. This is how I found my frames. :) (Note - the dimensions of your existing glasses can be found on the inside temple.)  Finally, every pair of frames on the site includes extensive details such as images you can zoom in on and frame sizing measurements.
  • I recommend using Internet Explorer 8+ when ordering. I had issues submitting the prescription form when using Firefox (my regular browser).
  • Only select frames (presumably all the lower-cost ones) are eligible for the free glasses promotion, but this still leaves hundreds, if not thousands, of frames to choose from!
  • If you want truly free frames, ensure that the lens upgrade options are unchecked as you are ordering. I ended up including some of the protective lens coating upgrades myself as S's always grabbing my glasses and I drop'em a lot too. :) (This only brought the grand total, including shipping, up to about $30.)
  • Remember the promo code at checkout - FreeGlassesCA8
  • Finally, although I managed to snag a free pair late in the afternoon, you might want to order yours closer to 9 AM for additional reassurance that you'll be one of the lucky 10,000!
I think that covers everything! Good luck. :)

Oh, I should probably mention that I'm in no way being compensated for writing this post by or anyone else. This is just such a great deal that I wanted to pass it along and spread the {love} as my sister-in-law did for me. (Thanks AM! :)


  1. Those are great! I'm Canadian, but I'm not in Canada, so I probably don't qualify - which sucks because the glasses my insurance will cover are not very cute.

    Also, I totally would not have believed this deal, either!

  2. Hmm - got an address in Canada you could ship to? That might allow you to quality? (Not sure - haven't read the fine print.)

  3. Sounds like an excellent deal! I have tri focals and they are very expensive to get so I stick with my long time eye doctor! Contacts too! :o) Great review!