Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I've been up to....

Apologies for my lack of updates recently. Lots happening on a personal front, including the following:

  • Daycare search - as some of you know, I will be returning to work sometime this November following a year of maternity leave. Over the last 2-3 weeks, I've spent a lot of time researching home day care options and meeting with potential providers. Thankfully there are many great people in our area who still have openings, however this is such a big choice that we of course want to make sure it feels *really* right! As my friend Jaime put it, no one is you. We have a couple more interviews this week and then we will look to nail this down! Wish us luck!! For those of you who have searched for child care, did you discover any important questions to ask potential caregivers which weren't obvious to ask upfront?

  • Baby's First Camping Trip! - We took S to Wildwood Conservation Area this past weekend. We had fun boating, hiking and relaxing at our site, however we also learned a couple things: 1) Go heavy on the blankets, or you're going to end up with Little One snuggled inside Mommy or Daddy's sleeping bag (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and 2) Leave the wipe clean only toys at home! Everything's going to get dirty, so it should all be easy to get clean again! Do you have any tips for camping with little ones?

  • Numerous mini-events including a lunch/reunion today with my Mom's side of the family, and an anniversary dinner for her and my stepfather, barbecues and other outdoorsy time with friends and family, etc. That reminds me - I should check on how we're doing with our Intentional Summer Fun List! Pretty well, though a few remaining things to tick off! Let's take a look:
  • Purchase and install above-ground pool in our backyard! DONE!
  • Attend the KW Multicultural Festival in Victoria Park. DONE!
  • Attend the Canada Day events here in New Hamburg this Friday DECIDED TO HAVE A BBQ AT OUR PLACE INSTEAD!
  • Cottage-y goodness - DONE!
  • "Trial camp" with S in our back yard - sometime in August? - DIDN'T BOTHER
  • If all goes well with the trial camp, go camping for realsies later in August or early September! - DONE!
  • More boating/fishing closer to home - DONE! (Though still want to take my Mom out if there's time!)
  • Spend a weekend in Ottawa visiting friends - NOT DONE - September perhaps?
  • Take S to African Lion Safari and/or the Toronto Zoo - NOT DONE, though we have seen lots of animals at Waterloo Park and other places closer to home!
  • Take my best friend M out for a "girl's night" birthday dinner! - DONE!
  • Go on at least a couple dates with Chris! - SORT OF DONE? We've had a couple dates but I'd love a couple more while it's still nice & warm out!
  • Get a family photo shoot done - somewhere outdoors would be wonderful! - NOT DONE - Need to book it this week! 
  • Host and attend a few BBQs with friends and family - DONE! (Though we'd like to host a couple more while it's still BBQ weather!)

      I have a lot of posts planned for this week to catch up, including 2-3+ reviews/giveaways and S's 9 month update. Hopefully a menu plan as well; I've been slacking on this front since we've been out and about more recently. Also hoping to catch up on some blog reading!

      Oh, and I really need a hair cut from my trusty old stylist! All those 80% off Wagjags are nice on the wallet, but they're Russian Roulette on the tresses. And I "got shot" last time. Serves me right for being "unfaithful"!


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