Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"S" @ 8 months: The "Keys" to Success!

Wow - month 8 was milestone-central for S! It seemed that every day our little girl was learning a new "trick"! As such, this update will be heavy on the vids, oh yes!

Due to all the new acrobatics and subsequent calorie burnin', she only gained 0.2 kilograms this month putting her at 7.2 kg, or 15.9 pounds total on our Wii Fit weigh-in. Minus onesie and dipe, probably about 15 pounds overall. She continues to be small but feisty!

We were at a family barbecue on her 8-month birthday, so we grabbed a few pics of her there. This'll work as her official photo:

Take a look at her up-to-date month-to-month album here!

People are really commenting on two things recently about her appearance:
  1. How much she looks like Chris (though this one isn't exactly new) and
  2. How blonde her hair is getting!

Alright, so let's get to all those exciting developments!

First up, crawling. In her last update, I mentioned that she was super close. I wasn't kidding; she figured out how to get that elusive forward movement about 2-3 days into her 8th month! Like many little ones, however, she started with the "army crawl":

 Within a few weeks, this had progressed to a full-on (albeit somewhat shaky) "real" crawl!


Her newfound ability to get around has certainly turned her into a little explorer! She loves doorstops, air registers and drawer knobs. Oh, and her favourite new toy? Mommy's keys, of course! In an attempt to procure them near the end of the month, she managed to climb her first stair!

Some musical interests/talents began to emerge this month as well. Banging two objects together and shaking rattles have become a couple of her favourite activities. And check out the sheer delight upon receiving a big "drum" to bang on!


And having just discovered the baby crack that is Barney, she couldn't help but get her dance on!

About midway through the month she also figured out how to prop herself up from a lying position to a sitting position. This often makes diaper changes even more challenging!

In terms of fine movements, she's getting close to mastering the pincer grip! She has progressed from using full palms to working with her thumb and first two fingers. She's certainly enjoying the opportunities we give her to feed herself, though her first experience with an ice cube was a bit frustrating for her!

Socially, her babbling seems to be taking on some meaning. "Mamama" means she wants me and/or food. :) "Dadada" is definitely directly at Chris, and sometimes comes out when she's having fun playing. And "Nanana" is a new one; she does this when she's not very pleased about a situation! She LOVES to wave as well - she'll do this to say bye bye, but also when she just darn well feels like it. :)

Right on cue, we're starting to see some attitude come out. For example, she gets upset when you take away a toy or restrain her when she wants to be mobile, and we're seeing a hint of stranger anxiety. (She "bottom lipped" recently at a waitress, and it sometimes takes a moment for her to remember that her grandparents are A-OK!)

Finally, she continues to try and enjoy new foods! This month, her first time menu included plum, squash, small bits of chicken and asparagus (among other things).

On the home stretch now toward 1 year old and a toddler on our hands. Holy jumpins!!


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