Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snack Bag Set from Baby Bahoonie: Review and Giveaway!

Baby Bahoonie is a online Canadian boutique offering apparel & accessories for hip infants & kids, 0-4 years old. It features over 20+ eco-choice lines of organic cotton, modal & bamboo clothing as well as high-quality toys and accessories such as wet bags, bath squirties (love these!!) and organic teethers.

The owner of the boutique is Cinnamon Bhayani, a gregarious and passionate mompreneur. Cinnamon first launched Baby Bahoonie a few months back out of a desire to make top-grade baby and toddler products readily available to Canadian families via the convenience of online shopping. She carefully selects each brand and product that she offers to ensure it not only provides maximum functionality but is also fair-trade, respects human rights, leaves a minimal carbon footprint and has an affordable price tag to boot! I must say that she has also designed a terrific website for her boutique! It's super easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, I'm a sucker for owls. :D

You can read more about Cinnamon's values, as well as how she came up with the name for her store, on her "Our Story" page! You can also check out her YouTube interview with for more about her business.

When Cinnamon first contacted me regarding a review/giveaway and generously offered my choice of product from the store's catalogue to review, I was so excited. But also torn! She features such an extensive collection of terrific items that it was hard to narrow things down. I eventually decided on the Snack Bag Set (in Cherry Animals print) made by The Sling Sisters! As the name may imply, The Sling Sisters specialize in slings and other organic baby carriers, but also offer wetbags, organic washcloths and (of course) snack bags as well. And yes, it really is two sisters who own and operate the company! :)

I've been wanting to try reusable snack bags for awhile now. I love the idea of them as an alternative to glass (which can break - especially when carted around by li'l ones!) and plastic (which has a heavier carbon footprint and may leach - possibly even BPA-free varieties according to a recent study). Not to mention the fact that they're less bulky than hard containers, and the zipper closure means there is no lid to misplace!

Here is the description of the Snack Bag Set from Baby Bahoonie's site:

Made from 100% cotton on the outside and 100% nylon with a polyurethane laminate on the inside, they are BPA, phlalate free and FDA approved food safe.  The zippered openings make these reusable snack bags super easy for little hands to open and close!  When snack time is done, simply turn inside out to wipe or machine wash on cold / low dry as needed.  These little bags are also handy for storing ipods, cell phones etc.  Or create your own on the go activity pack with crayons and stickers!

Set includes:

1 Large Reusable Snack Bag: a  roomy 7.5 x 7.5 inches - perfect for sandwiches and bagels

1 Small Reusable Snack Bag: a handy 4 x 6 inches - bigger than you think!  These little guys can fit a full cup of raisins, a sliced apple or a calculator, cell phone AND small digital camera

Upon making my selection, my snack bags arrived promptly. Check 'em out!

(As a side note, the provided business card is also a magnet! What a nice little touch! I mean, who can't use more fridge magnets for all those appointment cards and art masterpieces, right? :)

Of course, I got right to loading the bags up with goodies. Admittedly I didn't even wash them first, but this didn't concern me too much since I trust where the bags have come from!

First, I put a small sandwich into the larger bag. It filled up just over half the bag, so I know that the larger-sliced multi-grain bread we often buy would certainly fit as well.

Next I filled the small bag with raw almonds - a snack we often grab on the go. Indeed, it IS surprisingly roomy for its size!


But now I'm undecided - do I use this bag for snacks or for my cell phone? I hadn't thought of the latter as a potential use until I read the website description, but indeed - it is a perfect fit! 

Although I do have a protective rubber cover on my phone, the face is still exposed so I've inadvertently "purse dialed" a friend on more than one occasion. Will need to mull on this one some more. :)

Finally, a few notes on laundering & care. As per the website description, it's quite easy to turn the bag inside out and shake it out / wipe it down if it's not too dirty. However if a thorough cleaning is desired, you can simply throw it in your washer! The directions specify washing in cold, however I decided to "live dangerously" and throw 'em in a warm load along with my kitchen wetbag contents, socks and other items which I like to blast a little heat at. I figured since they're made of the same materials as my diaper covers (which I wash on hot) that they should be fine. And indeed, they came out unscathed! Of course, I wouldn't necessarily recommend going against the product instructions to others; your call here.

One nice feature of the bags is that the inner PUL layer is separate from the outer cotton layer, so the two layers can be pulled apart which results in a super-quick hang-drying time! Mine dried fully within about 4-5 hours.

All in all, this is a great little set of bags that I'll definitely be using a lot! They are eco-friendly, easy to open and close, simple to care for, waterproof, non-breakable, space saving, multi-purpose, lid-free and cute. Whew, that was a long list of positive qualities!! The only downside I can think of is that soft contents (such as a sandwich or grapes) can get squashed if you're not careful. But this just takes a little common sense. I mean, if you're gonna fill the thing with blueberries, drop it into a tote and then toss War and Peace on top, you're just asking for trouble. :)

Buy It:

Head on over to Baby Bahoonie to purchase a Sling Sisters snack bag set (or individual bag) of your own! But don't stop there - take the time to check out all the other great merchandise that the boutique has to offer! You can shop by category or brand, or do a direct product search. As I'm sure you'll agree, the shopping experience is extremely user-friendly!

Shipping is available to Canada and the United States. Different rates apply depending on location and order total.

Win It:

One lucky Manager to Mom reader will receive a Sling Sisters snack bag set of their own! Winner chooses print (subject to availability). Open to Canada and the United States.

To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Comments do not count as entries, however feel free to add a comment to remind yourself that you entered!

Disclosure:  The prize is being provided and shipped to the winner by Baby Bahoonie.  I received no financial compensation for writing my review or offering this giveaway, although I did receive the sample item free of charge.  This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.


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