Monday, September 19, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: All Over the Map!

Indeed - this week's menu is somewhat of a cornucopia of different influences and flavours. I'm back to linking up with as well. Check out other MPMs here:

Paneer Matter. Yes, the same dish from Indian Inspiration Week! :) I still have two more blocks of paneer to use up (it was on special two weeks ago) and this is one of Chris' favourite Indian dishes!

Crockpot beef barley soup. We like to add garlic and tomato to this, and I might try bacon and/or white kidney beans as well. The heartier, the better for this one! S and I will be sticking around at home the whole day, so we can enjoy sniffing the yummy beef soup-y flavours filling the air. I heart soup-making days!

Seafood feast! We're thinking cedar plank Pacific salmon and giant shrimp on the barbie, plus broiled scallops and asparagus. The weather's supposed to be beautiful (23 degrees and sunny) so we might be able to enjoy an outdoor meal!

Sweet potato coconut quinoa soup. Just reading this title makes me salivate. How can you go wrong with that list of awesome ingredients??!

Leftovers or eat out. I'm thinking we'll have a bunch of that beef barley soup left to devour, and that stuff is even better after 2-3 days of chillaxin' in the fridge!

So what are you all eating this week?

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  1. That is quite the hodge podge of flavors! Sounds yummy though :o)