Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: A Taste for Thai!!

Yup I know it's Tuesday. Let's just be OK with that and move on. :)

Chris mentioned to me the other day that it was soooooo awesome-sauce when I made three Indian recipes this past Spring during what I called Indian Inspiration Week.

So, I've decided to do another theme this week and I'm calling it A Taste for Thai! 'cause, y'know, I've got a taste for Thai and all. :)

Ironically, the week actually started with some more Indian. I made Palak Paneer yesterday and will be using the rest of the paneer tonight. So the Thai yumminess begins tomorrow!

Without further ado...

Palak Paneer w/ Toasted Naan

Zucchini Pasta w/ grape tomatoes, basil and paneer. I found this when Googling "What to do with leftover paneer" as last night's recipe only called for half of the package. It's actually perfect as we have a surplus of zucchini, grape tomatoes AND basil from our garden. I've never made zucchini pasta before but sounds super-easy and yummy!

A Taste for Thai Recipe #1: Thai Green Chicken Curry. Lots of beans to harvest from our garden right now, plus we're getting a sample of organic chicken today from Onterra Farms which we can try out as well! (Edit - the chicken sample never ended up arriving (that's another story) so we had vegetarian curry.) Oh, and I'm totally using some of my Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil to pump up the coconut-y flavour even more! This dish is going to rule. :)

A Taste for Thai Recipe #2: Fish Fillets with Chili Lime sauce. This is a recipe from our Thai cookbook. I'm in KW that day so I'll stop in at T&J Seafoods for some really nice, fresh white fish!

Friday: (or the weekend, as Chris and I might go on a date that night!)
A Taste for Thai Recipe #3: Sukothai Phad Thai. I'm going to follow some of the adjustment suggestions in the first review as the person who wrote it appears to know their shtuff about Thai cooking, and I really want to nail down that perfect Phad Thai recipe! Perhaps I'll do a dedicated post on this one if it turns out r0xx0r.