Monday, September 5, 2011

"S" @ 9 months: A Growing Concern :)

 Well it's official. Our sweet li'l baby girl...

...has developed one heck of a mischievous streak! Ladies and gents, meet Little Miss Hyde:


LMH loathes diaper changes, terrorizes spider plants, eats dirt cakes from the front floormat, shreds magazines and unravels all of her Mommy's hard work around the house. Cases in point:

But! We love every minute of it. (Mostly. ;) She may be a little monster, but she's OUR little monster! :D

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get back to basics. We're at 9 months now, folks! Three quarters of the way to a whole year old! *whistles*

Weight: Somewhere between 15lb 10oz and 16lb, depending on whether we're going with her measurement at the doctor's office or at home. Note that we have "upgraded" from Wii Fit to an actual scale (measuring to the ounce), so we can get a li'l more accuracy on the homefront. (Though on the flip side, we risk the dreaded floor pee with this approach. LMH also likes to do this. *nods*)

Height: ?? The nurse had her at 26ish inches, but she was writhing around like a little crazy person so I wouldn't bet the farm on this one. Plus, this would mean she'd only gained half an inch since her 6-month checkup which can't be true. So yeah - let's call it 27.5 and move things along! :)

Take a look at her up-to-date month-to-month album here!

Lots more fun shtuff happened this month. First of all, her crawling has become very steady and confident. And fast! Especially when she's opportunistically heading toward something she shouldn't be (like the top of the stairs when Mommy momentarily forgot to lock the gate), or when we're playing Hide and Seek with her! I love her exuberant hand-slappy "I'm going to find youuuu!" crawl. <3 <3

On a related note, she's doing stairs now, oh yes! In the "easy" direction, that is. She's not quite grasping that it's not a good idea to plunge back down head first. We're working on this. :)

One of her favourite things to do now is to pull up on, well, everything! And then grab whatever is in reach. As such, if you were to take a tour through our house you'd notice several random piles of objects that have been relocated to higher shelves, away from curious little fingers! She's also using her newfound strength to work the oh-so-sad standing-up-in-her-crib-and-crying maneuver when she's not quite ready to settle down for sleepy time!

Lessee - what else?

She's becoming an old pro at feeding herself. We give her li'l pieces of chicken, cheese, veggies, fruit and other tasty morsels. It's nice to be able to feed her more of what we're eating ourselves and not rely so much on purees. On a related note, she's been finding it super-funny to share her food! Check out her amusement as Mommy takes a bite out of her watermelon slice! For everything I said earlier about "LMH", our little girl certainly doesn't lack generosity!

Her zest for musical activities continued to emerge this month! Check out how thrilled she was to play bongos with her cousin Avery!

    Her finer movement coordination also continued to advance. She loves to place objects in and on other objects - for example, small stacking cups into bigger ones (and sometimes vice versa, though that doesn't work as well. ;) She has also started getting the hang of her Bright Starts Drop & Giggle toy!

    Socially, I'm happy to report that the hint of stranger anxiety we noticed last month didn't appear to develop further.  S has been (generally speaking) quite happy and comfortable hangin' around with other folks - even those she doesn't know very well. I'm hoping this bodes well for the beginning of childcare - a topic which merits its own post!

    We didn't really notice an advancement in her vocalizations this month, but I think this was because she's been working so hard on her motor skills! We've just started introducing some baby signs, focusing on those that are food-related since she's such a Ridiculously Good Eater. In this context, we're working on more, all done, food and drink and we've also been trying out flower, dog, up, down and ball.

    Well that pretty much covers all the Month 9 highlights. Just one more pic to cap things off; I like to call this one Jailbreak Attempt FAIL.

    'Nighty night!


    1. That is so adorable. I really have to take more video of my babe. Lincoln will be 1 year old in a WEEK! Ahhh!
      One of his favorite games is tossing all the diapers off of the changing table as I'm changing him. At least it (mostly)keeps him on his back so I can get a new diaper in place.

    2. Wow, Kristen! Big day, huh?? Are you throwing a big bash?