Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lovable Labels "Holly Jolly Gift Pack": #Review

As a participant in the Winner Wonderland giveaway hop, I received the opportunity to partner with Lovable Labels, a Canadian-Based company which creates customizable labels for children's gear and for other purposes too! Lovable Labels was founded in 2003 by Laura Porreca, a mama who recognized a market need for customized labels that were tough, durable and could stand the test of time. Read the full Lovable Labels Story here!

I first discovered Lovable Labels this past Spring back via a blog review/giveaway, and have since seen them featured several more times. Reviews have been glowing and I became totally sold on the value of labelling my daughter's gear; I knew this would be particularly helpful once she started daycare and her clothes, shoes, bottles, etc. would be intermingling with those of a slew of other kiddos. The company offers a huuuge selection of labelling products, from multi-purpose sticker labels to press 'n' stick clothing dots to mini-metal bag tags, and numerous customization options are available.

For a limited time, Lovable Labels is offering four different Holiday Packs, each containing a selection of their most popular labels. As part of Winner Wonderland, I had the opportunity to review their Holly Jolly Gift Pack in the Christmas Jewels theme. This pack contains the following:

The colour scheme is pre-set, however the labels can be personalized with your child's name and one of 45 different icons. I chose a li'l kitty for our daughter's pack. :)

When I first emailed one of the Lovable Labels customer relations representatives regarding the possibility of a review/giveaway, she responded back within less than 24 hours with a confirmation and set of product choices. Once I'd provided my selections, my order was created and shipped via express post, and arrived in my mailbox a mere three days later. What amazing customer service!

I was also impressed that my labels came packaged in a snazzy folder along with a personalized letter, information on the company, giveaway specs and a li'l sheet of "I <3 Blogging" stickers. How utterly Lovable!!! :D

The Holly Jolly Gift Pack contains a separate page per label type, keeping things nice & organized. Here is the sticker label page, with our daughter's name sufficiently obscured (thanks to my mad MS Paint skillz. ;)

Once I had things unwrapped, I got busy! The labels were all super easy to peel off the sheets and adhere to my daughter's items.

I've washed her sippy and bottle several times now (including a couple fairly lengthy soaks), and the labels are certainly holding solid! My initial attempt at using a clothing dot unfortunately didn't work; the dot went AWOL at some point during the first laundry cycle. I emailed my Lovable Labels CRR who responded back (again, very quickly!) with the following helpful suggestions:
  • Ensure that the dot is pressed in firmly and that no bubbles are present
  • Wash new clothes first prior to sticking on the dots
  • Affix dots on flap labels rather than sewn-in patches
The last suggestion appeared to reveal where I went wrong (see photo above). Indeed, when I followed up with a properly-located dot, the label held strong during a full wash & dry cycle.

All in all, I am super impressed by Lovable Labels - both the company and its products. I'm eager to label more of my daughter's gear and feel confident that this will help prevent her from losing things (not to mention reduce headache for our childcare provider!) I'd also love to try some of their other products, including their toy bin and spice it up labels. This could get addictive. ;)

Buy it:

Grab your own Holly Jolly Gift Pack from Lovable Labels here! Hurry - at $24.99, this is quite the steal and available for a limited time only! If you're looking for a different product you can browse their available selection via the user-friendly top menu.

Win It:

Head on over to my Winner Wonderland giveaway post and enter to win a Holly Jolly Gift Pack along with several other great items in my "Terrific Toddler Fun" prize package! Contest ends Dec 4, 2011 at 11:59 PM so get in those last minute entries, stat! Good luck!! :)

Disclosure:  I received no financial compensation for writing my review or offering the associated giveaway, although I did receive a sample item free of charge.  This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.

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  1. We love our lovable labels! We've been using them on our son's clothes, shoes and sippy cups at daycare for 3 months now and not one has peeled off. I'm actually thinking of ordering more clothing dots since we've run out and he's growing out of some things. They're also great for putting on toys when we go for playdates since we often end up places where other people have brought the same things.