Monday, December 19, 2011

S @ 12 months: A Cake Walk!

Our sweet little baby! You are already a WHOLE YEAR OLD! When I look back, I'm amazed at all the things you have learned and how quickly you have developed over your first year!

Here you are the day you were born. The world was so new and scary!

And look at you now, on your 1st birthday! What a beautiful, assertive, humorous, strong, intelligent and curious little girl you have become!

(Your up-to-date month-to-month album can be found here.)

Alright, so let's take a look back at all that 12th month excitement!

Daddy and Mommy took you on a fun trip to Nigara Falls a couple weeks before your 1st birthday. You weren't overly impressed by the falls themselves, however you were certainly loving all the seagulls! (Or "flying rats", as your Papa used to call them!)

Another highlight of our trip - building your first bear! So many choices...

In the end, "Kitty" was the big winner. KISSES!!

You started going to daycare when Mom went back to work, and you've been having a blast! You've met lots of new friends and enjoyed all kinds of yummy food, dancing and dress-up fun!

Finally, you had a blast at your 1st birthday party! You decided to check off possibly the most highly-revered milestone on this very day! Here you are, showing off in front of all your guests!

You burned off so many calories struttin' your stuff that we had no choice but to reward you with The Biggest 1st Birthday Cake Evah. (Thank you Chrissie - amazing job!)

You also got possibly the last ever snuggle with Balooberry, the fuzzy blue mascot of Hullabaloo Party Planner (which sadly decided to close its doors this month).

Let's see - what else can we report? Well, you didn't cut any new teeth this month but we did start getting you used to the idea of caring for the ones you do have! You prefer to chomp on the bristles at this point, but that'll do for now. :)

As for your vitals, you'd had your parents a little worried about your weight, so we packed you full of protein and iron-rich "goooood foooood" and you ended the year at 17 lb 3 oz and almost 30 inches tall - 12th and 50th percentile, respectively! Atta girl!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we are SOO proud of you! Here's to an incredible 1st year and many more discoveries, laughs, tears, squeals, kisses and unforgettable moments as you enter toddlerhood. <3


  1. Beautiful record. Makes me want to write a journal to my 3 month old!

  2. @Unknown - you should!! Takes time to do, but the result is worth it! Such a nice keepsake celebrating all the wonderful memories! :)