Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From Diapers to Diamonds: Rocking your Disability Like a Lady {Book Review}

My sister, Rebecca Anstett, is truly an inspiration. She is talented, kind, open-minded and motivated, and at just 36 years of age has garnered a mile-long list of personal, scholastic and professional accomplishments. Whether she is working on her Doctor of Divinity dissertation, exercising her speaking skills as a Distinguished Toastmaster or striving toward optimal nutrition, Rebecca is continuously learning and searching for ways to better herself and those around her.

It is no real surprise, then, that when Rebecca was faced with a number of significant health setbacks in recent years, including a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 2010 and, subsequently, multiple sclerosis earlier this year (a double whammy to be sure), she fundamentally chose to view these not only as new challenges in her life but also as new opportunities. Opportunities to experiment with alternative health therapies, to offer an empathetic ear and a voice as a Distress Line volunteer, and to advocate on behalf of others struggling with what she refers to as "less-ability".

On this note, I'm excited and proud to share with you Rebecca's latest accomplishment - a newly-released ebook entitled From Diapers to Diamonds: Rocking your Disability Like a Lady.

As its title suggests, the book's main target audience is women faced with physical disabilities and/or "abnormalities". The core message is a powerful one, but also one that is (unfortunately) difficult for a woman in these circumstances to truly embrace - that a physical setback does not make her any less of a lady, nor should it take away her right and ability to happiness, love, pleasure and all the other finer things in life. In her writing, Rebecca admits that she herself often battles that "little voice" trying to convince her otherwise, but she has made great progress prevailing over it through positive thought and action.

From Diapers to Diamonds is, by and large, an account of Rebecca's own (ongoing) mind-body-spirit journey of healing, however it's also peppered with practical advice for others who wish to embark upon (or accelerate) their own healing journeys. The "meat" of the book is divided into eight sections discussing areas of her life (e.g., dressing, working and travelling) which, at the onset of her health challenges, generated the greatest fear and anxiety within her. Within each section, she describes relevant, personal experiences which have challenged her to face her fears and rekindle her sense of feminity and self esteem in that aspect of her life, and also includes suggestions, challenges and affirmations for others to try out on their own healing paths. I found her final section on loving particularly poignant and inspiring - a testament to the true love she has found with her husband and soulmate Mark.

Rebecca's voice is honest and passionate, often humorous and sometimes a little dark. All in all, very reflective of the physical, mental and emotional ups and downs she has experienced in her life, and on her own healing journey.

Although From Diapers to Diamonds is targeted mainly toward women with physical challenges, there are certainly positive messages to be found for all readers. Messages about self acceptance, love and determination, about seeking and expressing appreciation and gratitude, and, most importantly, that everyone is entitled to a happy and fulfilling life - no matter what curveballs are thrown their way!

Take a look at Rebecca's own video intro for her book here:

To celebrate its release, Rebecca has chosen to offer her book by donation until September 30th, following which it can be downloaded at a set price. Head over to her book release page for more information, donate/download instructions and a 2-page teaser. And if you feel that Rebecca's message is a powerful one, I encourage you to spread the word! Rebecca appreciates any/all support in her quest to empower others and show them that they do not have to suffer.


  1. Oh wow, your sister is truly an inspiration and such a strong woman! What great accomplishments she's had and still has despite her "less-ability". I'm going to go check out her ebook! Thank you for sharing her story!!

  2. What a story! She is such an inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing. Powerful lady indeed!

  3. I love your sister and her message. She is so cute in her video and I love how she puts a humorous spin on it! She's truly an inspiration!

    I look forward to reading her book!! Congrats to you both :)

  4. This post speaks volumes to me. I am considered permanently disabled, and find every day to be a challenge. Thank you for sharing.

  5. amazing story - thank you so much for sharing this with us

  6. Sounds like your sister is a strong and inspirational woman. I love that she is so willing to share with others to help them benefit and motivate them as well.