Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teeming with #2: Week 29 update!

Hellooooooo 3rd trimester!

I must say, I'm beginning to feel quite rotund. (And look it too, evidently!)

I'm up to 136 pounds, for a total of 28 since getting knockered. That's almost as much as I gained during my entire pregnancy last time around. But y'know what? That's not really a bad thing since I started out way too thin this time around. My guess is I'll gain about 40-45 in the end.

Apparently the little guy's now about 2.5 pounds himself, and his testacles are beginning to descend. So there y'go on that.

My latest midwife appointment (on August 30th @ 26 1/2 weeks) was gloriously uneventful compared to the previous one. ("How are you feeling?" "Good!" "Lots of movement?" "Yup!") My blood pressure continued to be nice & low (110/66) and baby's heart rate clocked in at 142 bpm. Only thing was a slight amount of protein in my urine, but nothing to write home about.

I had my glucose tolerance test last week, and I "passed" that one as well! That was a relief, as I flunked it last time and had to go back for the more intensive 3 hour follow-up which was a pain in the arse, and I loathe drinking those McDonalds-esque orange flavoured liquid sugar drinks. Apparently each one contains 50 grams of glucose *shudder*. But I digress. The GTT did turn up low hemoglobin (102; they want to see at least 110) so I'm back on my Ferrasorb to help bring things back up.

So yeah! Feeling good all in all, still enjoying a healthy appetite and my mood continues to be nice & level. Pregnancy's definitely good for my mental & emotional state! Still dealing with the crusty nose thing but it seems to be getting better, and nasal strips have helped overnight when it tends to be the worst. And yup, coughing and sneezing continue to be "risky business" if you catch my drift. I think things are improving a bit here though too - thanks prenatal yoga!  Li'l man is starting to do something funny that S always did in my 3rd trimey with her - "bunching up" on the right side of my belly. I'll have to get a pic at some point because it looks quite bizarre. Speaking of my belly, I've been slathering on the belly jelly I won in a giveaway last year, and it's awesome stuff. Next to no appreciable stretch marks so far (knock on wood), plus the scent is lurvley and it just feels good to give the ol' belly a rub! S helps out too (though one time she sank her whole hand in right to the bottom, the goofy goo.)

That's about it for now. Seeya in a few!

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  1. Sounds like things are moving right along. You look totally adorable! I remain jealous.

    Yoga should definitely help with the sneezing issue. I had a physical therapist give me some specific pelvic floor exercizes when I was pregnant, and I don't think my muscles were ever strnger!