Sunday, May 26, 2013

30-Day Outdoor Play Challenge! #opchallenge

Back in February, I issued a Creative Kid Challenge which involved doing a different creative craft or activity with one or more children for 30-days straight. I took this up with my (then) 26-month-old daughter, and we had a blast! I ended up writing a blog post on the top 10 sensory activities we tried out.

Now that the weather is warm (for the most part!) my daughter's outside a lot. Hubby put together a "fun center" for her in our backyard comprised of a sandbox, play house, slide/swing combo and other toys, and she loves it! However, she often ends up playing alone with me on the sidelines feeling I should get in there and play directly with her, but not quite sure where to start. As such, I took to Pinterest (which originally inspired our #ckchallenge) to gather ideas for creative outdoor play. As expected, my search turned up all kinds of goodness which prompted me to take up (and issue, for anyone else who's interested) a new challenge - a different outdoor play activity every day for 30 days!

The rules I'll be attempting to follow are similar to my Creative Kid Challenge with a few amendments:
  • Each day of the challenge must have a different activity
  • All activities must be enjoyed outside, unless the weather sucks in which case an indoor activity can be substituted.
  • A maximum of 5 activities can be familiar (i.e. ones we have tried out before)
  • Activities must allow my child to participate directly
  • Activities must be safe and use non-toxic materials
  • Hubby (or another family member) can sub in if/when it becomes too difficult for me to participate directly (e.g. if our son's having a particularly rough day)

Now here's the thing - warmer weather invariably brings bbqs, festivals, parties and other events, so in practice I'm not sure we'll be able to complete the challenge perfectly. That would be awesome, though if we can get to 25+ I'll consider that a success. :) We'll be starting our challenge tomorrow so it'll end on June 25th. If you want to participate too, you can start at any time!

Like I did last time, I will share each day's activity on FB and Twitter (using the hashtag #opchallenge), and blog about our favourite activities when the challenge is over! Also, I will be continuously adding to my Outdoor Toddler Activities Pinterest board as we go along!

So who's going to embark on this challenge with me?


  1. Busy SAHM and fellow blogger, this will certainly be a challenge, but a fun one! We'll start on June 1st, we have a birthday party at a roller rink, does that count? And I'll say 20 is a success for us!
    Cinella @ The Mami Blog

    1. Hey Cinella, that's great! Following you too now - would love to hear how the challenge goes for you! And sure, I'd say a roller rink birthday counts! :)

  2. What a great challenge - I would love to take part but can't commit right now. I'll aim for as many days as possible and be inspired by your posts!

  3. I loved your creative challenge, and used some of your ideas with my son. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the outdoors!

  4. I love the idea of a challenge, I'm not good at scheduling stuff but this sounds like fun

  5. I think this sounds like so much fun -- it is really cool that everyone in the family can work together on it!