Monday, October 11, 2010


Been having some weird/bad dreams recently. Themes have been baby-related (e.g. a few days ago I had one where baby came early and was super-small, then didn't want to be close to me at all, preferring her Dad instead), work-related and general rejection-related. They're reminiscent of dreams I've had during "dark" periods in the past when I've in all likelihood been suffering from a mild to moderate depression. My skin has also been breaking out a bit more over the last little while and I've been bitchier than normal, so I suspect that hormonal fluctuations may be playing a role here as my body gets ready to inject baby into the world. I'd felt so emotionally strong and even during the vast majority of my pregnancy and it was GREAT, however now I'm starting to wonder how I'll feel during the postpartum period. No use worrying about it per se at this point - all I can do is treat my body well, think positive thoughts and do positive things - which is what I'm doing! :)

Time to make a turkey soup from all the wonderful leftovers from two delicious Thanksgiving dinners. LOOOOVE soup days!!!


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