Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shower weekend & nest-tivities

This past weekend was both fun & productive! We were lucky enough to be thrown two showers - the first with work folks on Friday and the second with friends and family on Saturday. Chris was involved in the planning for the work shower but it was a complete surprise for me. He managed to pull the wool over my eyes by setting the pretext that we were going to the local police station to get the car seat inspected and then meeting his mom for brunch at The Waterlot. Prior to the inspection, however, he wanted to drop in and "check out the brunch menu". Thinking nothing of it, I trudged in there after him and the hostess led us to a private room where everyone was waiting - surprise!! It took me a moment to process everything and then I got all teary - ahhhh, hormones :) Lunch was delicious, and Pat was awesome enough to not only make the drive from Toronto but create a beautiful and delectable baby-themed cake for us! We got some great gifts, including the hamper and other items we registered for, and a plethora of cute outfits. Pics here.

Saturday was shower #2 hosted by my bestest gal Maryana! Lots of folks made it from both my side and Chris' side of the family as well as close friends. 7 li'l kiddies as well - our generation is becoming quite prolific! :) As usual, Maryana outdid herself with a cornucopia of tasty food and amusing shower games, from "guess the baby food" to "pin the soother on 'baby' Chris"! Mom contributed some delicious nibbles too. Following the shower, I joined Yang, Rajib and Logan for dinner and catching up at the Lotus Tea House, and then spent more time shootin' the crap with the rest of my girls (Maryana, Ange and Kelly) . Didn't get back home until after 1 AM.

On Sunday I began to go through the wonderful array of gifts and nesting kicked in full force! Unpackaging, sorting, laundry, assembling, organizing - oh my! :) Last night I put together an inventory of the main things we still needed and today I made a trip to Babies R Us and picked up some of these remaining "essentials" - change pad cover, ultimate crib sheet, Halo sleep sack, nursing pads and bassinet fitted sheet. Following some more nesting-esque preparation, the nursery is now just about ready from a functional standpoint; next comes the fun part where we give it some personality! Chris found a funky baby art project idea online that is cheap (in terms of materials), results in some great decorative pieces for the nursery and is something young children can help out with. We're going to "recruit" Hailey and Avery to take part if we decide to do the project :)

In other news, my sleeping patterns continue to be wonky. Take right now - it's 1:25 AM and I'm just starting to get tired (though blogging has helped). On the flip side, I go through periods of sleepiness during the day - usually in the late afternoon. The bod's definitely getting ready!

Finally, my "fundal height" has now increased to the point where my belly is literally chafing against my boobs, and the area in between has gotten kinda itchy and irritated. Any other moms out there experience this?? Methinks it's just about time to ditch the underwire and switch to my new nursing bra. *nods*


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