Sunday, December 9, 2012

Teeming with #2: Week 40+ update!

OK c'mon little man - I no longer have accurate stickers for you!

I got the real scoop from my midwife on why the date they're going with is different (5 days earlier, in fact) than my own. Simple. It's not their "wheel thingy" (as I was ever so articulately going with on previous updates) - it's the projected date from my initial dating ultrasound. I'm not sure why I evidently never clued into this. After all, it's called a "dating ultrasound" for a reason. So based on this, I'm now a full week overdue and you can tack an extra 5 days onto all my previous belly pics. :)

So now all the fun post-dates stuff begins! Ultrasound tomorrow, follow-up midwife appt (definitely with a stretch & sweep this time) either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday, and if baby's still hanging on for dear life, induction scheduled for Friday. (12 days post-dates; normally they'd schedule for 10 but I said I'd prefer the extra 2-day buffer provided there are no concerns.) In the meantime, doing lots of yoga ball bouncin' and otherwise staying pretty active, and had some of this with brunch today. Yum! Still haven't tried evening primrose oil (suggestion from a few people) so perhaps something to pick up and start on tomorrow. Also, Chris' cousin told me about an acupuncture spot on the ankle which can help with dilation, so will have to get hubs on that. :) Oooh on a related note, just googled and found this - more fun stuff to try!

Baby's movement isn't quite as crazy this past week, but he's still going pretty strong. A li'l slowdown is expected at the end anyway. (No more room!) I kinda tortured the kid yesterday as I inhaled a HUGE amount of food at my husband's extended family Christmas - turkey, stuffing, sides and way too much dessert. ('Tis the season to be gluttonous?) I have no idea how I'm still able to do this and where it all goes as everything is super-tight in there. And, amazingly, little to no heart burn at all recently (though, I'm proud to say, the ever-so-sexy pillow drooling continues with gusto!)

Going overdue has actually been awesome for our house progress. Basement's almost finished (just needs a 2nd coat of paint, floorboards and cleanup, then it's ready to furnish), S' big girl room is painted and mostly cleared out, and her new furniture is built and ready to move in. I'm also THISCLOSE to finishing our Christmas shopping and have been Kijiji-ing like a fiend - acquired s'more potty gear for S, a hand-made wool cover and HUGE stash of socks, hats and bibs for the little guy and two nearly-new fitted crib sheets. Everyone tells me I should be napping when I can, but I just can't pass up the opportunity to be productive while I have all this extra time!

So yeah. Ducks are much more in a row than they were 2-3 weeks ago, so little dude is welcome and encouraged to come any day!! Let's DO THIS! :)


  1. Little man you don't want to be on Santa (and mommy's) naughty list, so you better come soon!

  2. Awwww! You look awesome! C'mon, Little Man! Mommy, your family, friends (and Mommy's online buddies) can't wait to meet you! Well, for us, "meet you" on the blog!