Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Big Transition!

As I mentioned in my last couple pregnancy updates, we've been doing a lot of home renos recently. We just finished our basement (including a rec / toy room and office) which allowed us to clear out and clean the previous office and start turning it into S' "big girl room". We got all the main furniture moved in yesterday, including her new toddler bed, and we decided to see if she'd be interested in sleeping in her new room last night. Was she ever!!! At first she ran around excitedly, grabbing her stuffies and blankets and chattering up a storm. Then when we told her she needed to lie down in her bed, she plopped right down and went almost immediately to sleep! Today she had her afternoon nap in her bed, and willingly went to sleep in it once more tonight at bedtime. Whew!! We've heard some big bed transition horror stories so wasn't sure what to expect, so what a relief that S has embraced her own transition so exuberantly!

The sweetest moment came last night just before bedtime. She'd finished loading all her stuffies and blankets into her bed when she turned to us and said, completely unsolicited, "Thank you for my big girl room!" It just melted our hearts. :) :) Overall, definitely a Top 5 proud (yet wistful) parent event.

So tell me - those of you who've made "the big transition" with one or more of your own children, how'd it go for them?


  1. My 2 year old's toddler bed looks just like that. They are so cute cuddled up in there. He takes EVERY thing in bed with him. Toys, cars, clothes, cloth diapers...

    It took us a couple days of sitting in the room with him to be able to fall asleep in his bed. Then at one nap, I just put him in there and he went right to sleep with no fuss. He was around 20 months old then.

  2. That's great that it went so well. With my kids I didn't have much problem but they didn't move to a bed till they were 3.

  3. We haven't yet but my little guy is only 19 months. We've been thinking about it because he's not great sleeping in his crib but we aren't sure if the transition would go too smoothly yet. :)

  4. Our oldest did really well with the big bed transition. He would not leave his bed in the morning until he got permission. We would hear "I awake now!" "I all done sleeping now!" "Can I come out now?" Was so cute. We need to transition our youngest soon. But I am having a tough time with that as I want him to stay my baby forever.

  5. My son did pretty well with the big bed transition. The first night he went straight to sleep no issues, the second night he realized he could get out of bed and ran around for a bit. It took about 2 days for him to fully settle after that to realize that bedtime was IN bed and just because he COULD get out of bed, didn't mean he was ALLOWED. He did well.

    I on the other hand do terribly with these milestones and cry like a giant baby.

  6. Awe that is too sweet and she is a cutie!