Friday, March 22, 2013

Displaying Childrens' Art: A Super-Simple Approach

Now that our daughter's well into her twos, she's blossoming into quite the little artist! She regularly brings home masterpieces from daycare and we've recently been particularly crafty at home as well. When it came to showcasing her creations, our fridge wasn't cutting it with its single item capacity, so I consulted Pinterest for inspiration on creating a multi-item display. As expected, my pal came through and we adopted the following variant in our own living room, situated suitably above our daughter's art table.

Simple DIY Childrens' Art Wall

A string, two hooks, several clothes pins and less than 10 minutes was all it took to put together this super-practical, rustic yet whimsical display. Our line is about 5 feet across and can display 7-8 pieces. When it's time to display a new one, we simply pop open a clothes pin and either remove an older piece or place the new one in front.

Our wall spans two hutches so we were able to adhere the hooks to these. But the hooks are tiny so securing them directly into the wall would certainly be viable too.

How/where do you display your children's art? How many creations can you display at a time?


  1. Ha, I was just thinking about making one of these yesterday. Looks great!

  2. I love that! I made one of those for Little One's toy room too! She calls it her "art gallery" :) Sweet pic of a sweet little girl!

  3. That's a great idea! Our local Family Centre does that to display children's artwork, and also to let art dry while the kids are playing elsewhere (before leaving).

  4. I love that. I've seen that the other day and I really 'ought to do that with my sons art work. Love it!

  5. Love this idea!!! My granddaughter is 2 and she is really starting to draw and color!!

  6. What an AWESOME idea! I've never thought of that. I will use this for their play room. We normally just display it on their easels or the fridge of course. Though it doesn't allow for a lot to display!