Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally starting our blog...

Hello world - Kristy of KrisChris (i.e. Kristy and Chris Campbell) here! A few months back, we had the idea of starting a pregnancy and parenting blog to chronicle our experiences growing and raising our first child but many, many higher priority things got in the way (as they tend to do).

Now that we are 31+ weeks along, we figured it was high time we got going here! Lots of things to post about, including our choices of baby gear, our birth plan, progress on the nursery, our experience at Triage today and current pregnancy "challenges" and of course belly pics which all expectant ladies love to peruse (right?? I know I do!)

That said, it's getting late and I have a self and hubby-mandated 8+ hour/night sleep "rule", so most of these posts will happen over the upcoming days and weeks. Perhaps one "real" post for the night though. Hmmm, where to start....


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