Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good news today!

Had another biophysical profile / growth ultrasound and we were told we could head right home afterwards. Had the same ultrasound tech as last time so I knew it was fruitless to try prying for information, however the fact that we weren't sent directly over to our OB (or triage) meant that "no news is good news" and that things must be stable! We couldn't get a really good look at Baby as her head's still firmly down but we did get a pic of her spine, heh :)

All in all, the last week of taking 'er easy with lots of good food, fluids and plenty of sleep seemed to have helped out! Baby's been kickboxing like crazy and I feel pretty good. Just a little on the tired side (though that's probably due to lack of activity more than anything) and some heart burn overnight (note to self - avoid large glasses of lemonade just before bed time!) All in all, will continue to 'lax until Friday's appointment with Schnarr, at which point we'll go over her recommendations in terms of work, activity, etc. moving forward.


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